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And i remember our meeting with joe to the first meeting that he talked about was he's like i feel like this could be fun if we didn't do any stunt casting or casimir recognizable face it would feel more like a documentary okay that this seems like ideologically they wanna make the same show you wanna make and just like all of the hiring we did was just people who kind of bought into how how seriously we were taking the choke and then we like for the director photography i remember where there was when now people know about the show but at the time this was this was an odd ask to be putting out talent but for the director photography we wound up hiring the dp who shot the amanda knox documentary on netflix and he also shoots all of chefs table for netflix and so i think tony intentionally was like i want someone who knows how to shoot premium documentaries so that language is just part of their dna as well editors to documentary editors as opposed to comedy guys who cut from michael moore and you're telling me that the writing staff that you guys brought in was mostly new writer yeah i mean on paper we did not look like the funniest group of people on paper we we were we were looking for we were looking for journalists we were looking for people that wrote for their school paper people that were passionate about telling different types of stories i i didn't care if you'd been in some big comedy room it was it was it was sensibility i i mean we did we did a lot of scripts i mean we read over two hundred and fifty scripts and sat down we mid five hires you know what what was the stuff that you all were responding to.

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