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You have no idea what other people are highlight reels. So don't worry. If you're struggling like ice struggle. I think everybody struggles along the path and like that's fine, and that's normal and to kind of go back to what you were saying like the pay. Patients. That's probably one of the things that I'm the worst at in. Like I recognize that like everyone wants like quick quick quick. Like, how do we get quick every satisfication? How do I do this? How do do that that's quick? And like Warren Buffett is always the person. That's like I was just I like Warren. How'd you get? So rich duty made is I like one hundred forty eight everyone's focus on getting money like quick like I'm all about the slow their longer term like so just letting it go and grow and stuff like that. The longer term stuff. The success will come if you're if you're just doing your work in focusing on what you wanna do. But it is tough. I'm not a patient person. And I try to focus in work on that. But. Yeah. I mean, everyone wants their business to blow up the next never blows up when you think it's supposed to. That's right. I used to think like why I've been doing all this shit should have been so huge. Starring Matt list. And it's not that. Those are all based on our thoughts based on reality. And I think outside of a burn rate out side of big time investment. It's like why do people fail because they quit. And they stop adjusting stop using. Oh shit max out for didn't work for two years out throw. That's why this if we figured out. What are we missing? What do our customers want? I think our expert had a good story about that. Reform like redid all their packaging and advertising when they were bottoming out, and they were like like either done or we give this try site with three hundred five hundred hundred and it's got the the label has the stuff right on the fright. It's class only. Switch of a little something. But yeah, I mean, there's a lot of things that that the old man is is kind of top me about sure in that world. That's definitely helped me and. There's other people out there that can obviously help you something like this podcast as well. But a lot of people don't have someone that's kind of whispering in their everyday living. And that saying like, no do this this and this or do that? And that's why I think these podcasts in some people on Instagram that are doing that are really great because they are a little tweak of, hey, this is a motivational thing for you to get you through that day or through that slump through that downtime or through that plateau of your business, keep pushing keep going, but. Yeah. I think a huge thing goals. Yup. You know, having him set and having out there I'll front right? And that's that's a big thing that I started doing a few years ago because my dad told me to start doing it and said that he was always doing it. And that's like that's something. I shared with my followers like, you know, if you go and you go in the annals of Patrick Schwarzenegger's, Instagram. It's mostly like seventy something percent girls in the twenty-something age, whatever. And I was like I'm interested in business. I'm gonna post this. I'm going to post anyway, my goals. That's what like in. Maybe one person. Will learn something from it and grow like then that success in me. And like so many people afterwards hit me up and DM me and stuff like that saying, thank you so much. I'm gonna go right? My I just did a whole thing of like me writing my goals putting them right next to my bed..

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