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Know that came from an eye wasco ceremony did right after i retired from fighting and it showed me this parallel of how i would fight is i would be perfectly cleaned for eight weeks no alcohol no drugs meditate everyday read not even want shady tv and then i'd fight and after the fight is like i've been a good boy for eight weeks let's celebrate drink do blow fucking eat bad food and and watch shitty tv not meditate once not read them book you know and it showed me that parallel and i could feel it in my body the difference in how i felt it would shift from i feel like fucking kong or hercules or fill in the blank to feel miserable and sick and i can't move like it would draw back and forth in it did it enough where i was like okay i fucking get it i get it i don't need to fight the live in a way that serves me you know and then from there there's a cool hashtag from quest nutrition cheat clean and that stuck with me because it's like yeah man i can make my own fucking ice cream with coconut cream yeah i can do different things that are that have been official for me so i don't feel like missing out on life i mean even alcohol we interviewed this guy todd white the ceo of dry farm wines have you heard of them there's a ton of people in health and wellness that support these guys rob wolf dr kirk parsley dollar augustino like guys that i look up to that i want to interview or have interviewed and it's an all organic wine and it's there's there's no added chemicals nothing in it and so you the the thing is you can drink this one and not be hung over does it work it fuck it works really i'd read about it i was like i'm not a big wine guy and you know wasted on i got fucked up i push push the envelope with that you know and i was great the next day you know and i and it's different now with the kid or kids three is a baller light ball energy and six am i gotta be on point they can't be hung over it can be a piece of shit it's like argh watch ipad or do this thing hanging out with yourself you gotta show up as dad and that's been a big determined also for me to really you know i like pushing the envelope with plants and things like that certainly like when we go to the amazon next month my family be watching our son so i don't have to worry about that i can kind of check out and push push the envelope there but when it comes to all these other things that daily practices of like all right you know i want to celebrate tonight we're at a wedding like there's a right way and a wrong way to do everything so figuring out what that looks like i think that's been the thing that's most desirable for me right yeah do you still do any sort of cheat did you have a cheat schedule or it's just based around whatever circumstances i think minnesotan spot like we're here in la on my hit vetoes sometime on this trip this is my favorite fucking pizza on earth and you know i'll deal with that but i mean for the most part i don't do when she meal a week i don't do you know people have this eighty twenty rule i think that's crap because that ends up becoming like clean all day i'll have a bad dinner you know and that doesn't work that doesn't work that's how you get fat and really i feel it with inflammation in my body like all the old injuries come back when like shifts interesting and that's.

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