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Gay rights movement was born in nineteen sixty nine a beloved No that's when the straight people started to notice it even before stonewall there was the daughters of politis a lesbian civil and political rights organization formed in san francisco in nineteen fifty five as a social alternative to gay bars before that there was the mattachine society formed in nineteen fifty cut. Try to imagine wanting to be out in nineteen fifty. And when we broaden our scope as we should always do we find the movement actually dates back at least to eighteen. Ninety seven in berlin with the founding of the first gay rights group by magnus hirschfeld stonewall wasn't the genesis but it was certainly an accelerate. The gay liberation front was born out of the ashes of stonewall metaphorical ashes. Of course it wasn't accelerate but was it a riot and uprising a rebellion or what. The violence of the first night led to five more nights of more organized demonstrations with a more optimistic feel including chanting and dancing in the streets. The stonewall uprising didn't start the gay rights movement but it was a galvanizing moment for lgbtq political activism leading to the formation of numerous gay rights organizations including the gay liberation front human rights campaign glad gay and lesbian alliance against defamation and p flag parents friends and family of lesbians and gays eddie. Beloved gay bar called the stonewall inn You heard me described the stonewall and at the top so you already know. It wasn't exactly cheers for the flamboyant set in a recent documentary. Those who were there that night describe it as a dump a hell hole. Dirty rundown a sleazy mafia bar in there were a lot nicer gay bars in the area. Stonewall riots began when a drag queen three brick and a police officer or window by their own accounts. It wasn't the two people. Most commonly credited marsha p johnson or sylvia rivera. Johnson herself later said that the riot was already in full swing when she arrived. I was in town. I didn't get downtown to have to a caucus when i got downtown. Plays with already on buying a raid already. Similarly rivera delivered a speech in two thousand and one clarifying i have been given the credit for throwing the first molotov cocktail by many historians but i always liked to correct it. I through the second one. According to witnesses there was a gender non conforming person who touched off the big to do. She was very butch she was tough and the police were being rough with her and she was really fighting back. Some people say that person was stormy della. very cheap who sometimes took credit for it. And sometimes didn't there's been no conclusive proof one way or the other who exactly that. Which woman was something else we have. No actual evidence of what exactly was thrown. Some people say it was a shot glass which makes sense in the context of a bar and also let you call it. The shot glass heard round the world if it was a brick. Where did they get it. Cities may be made of bricks. But they're rarely remaining around wild. Maybe there was a construction site nearby. People say that is certainly possible. But it's more likely that someone left the scene to find a brick after the action was underway. If someone did leave a regular night at the bar looking for a brick is that heroic or you know worrisome. Hey jamie calling it. A night already know. Just going out to find brick. You'd have questions. Stones may have been used in the initial fractious if there were any loose cobblestones in the nearby tree pits though the gay community was emotionally reeling. From the death of judy garland. You're killing me smalls. please tell me that. None of my brainiacs belief that the troubled singer slash actress described a time magazine review as elvis for homosexuals died of a drug overdose on the twenty seventh of june nineteen sixty nine. Stonewall started the following night many. Lgbt people were fans of garland as were many street people. She was one of the biggest stars of our lifetime. Her funeral was mentioned in one. Count them one newspaper account of the uprising from decidedly right wing source. Nineteen ninety seven book the gay metropolis. By charles kaiser is one of the culprits in the propagation of this. I don't even want to call it. A myth no one will ever know for sure. Which was the most important reason for what happened next. The freshness in their minds of judy garland's funeral. Or the example of all the previous rebellions of the sixties the civil rights revolution the sexual revolution and the psychedelic revolution. Each of which had punctured gaping holes in crumbling traditions of passivity puritanism and bigotry. The second one chuck. It was the second one. This misbelief keeps popping up including in the twenty fifteen movie stonewall which should not be relied on for historical accuracy authors and journalists really need to get correlation doesn't equal causation tattooed on their forearm before they can get paid for their first story to suggest that a celebrity's death is more likely to be the cause of insurrection rather than generations of repression and violence is trivializing condescending and demeaning not.

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