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I am not the conductor that our next guest is frontier vote i pointed at the court appointed the court and they just stand there finally brandenburg johann sebastian during his now usually in studio but they're both a little bit under the weather are linda mary nello and franz vote the conductor franz what did i do wrong i'm pointing at these guys and pointing and they just stand there with their mouths agape what do i need to do stamp my foot or what richard it must be something about your personality what can i say i have an electrifying personality but it didn't work on these guys both on i wish you both feeling better yeah we wish that too yeah thanks so much well we're just happy to be with you always enjoy visiting all right tell us about this upcoming shoe because it is this sunday and saturday saturday in albuquerque and sunday in that's the one we're worried that's the one we're focused on the one on sunday at immaculate heart of mary chapel wonderful facility up near santa fe prep tell us about that one well that's going to be with orchestra and we're going to start off with box brandenburg concerto number five and then do a series of selections my absolute pick heaven over this because there's so much glorious music to choose from but selections from the saint john passion the saint matthew from the mass in d minor and then we'll take a limiter mission and finish up with a cantata number seventy eight by baa and it should be feast for anybody who likes this kind of music for those that are educated what is the proper way to say bach good and by the way i wanted to share some information that one of our singers esther moses berg she was a featured soloist on this program posted on our facebook page because one of the things that's exciting about bah is that he is his music is timeless he's the most popular composer to this very day some three hundred years after his life ended where i should say began because actually he died in seventeen fifty so we're not quite to twenty-fifty yet but in any case she posted this really fun quote that i wanted to share by a guy named james roads and it's just about how we can all relate to who this man was here's a man who was orphaned by the age of ten who lost eleven of his twenty kids in infancy or childbirth whose first wife and love of his life died suddenly so there's spa drenched in grief sleeping with groupies in the oregon law a duly fighting hard-drinking rockstar with a work ethic that makes obama look like a bum and producing music that's still three hundred years later inspire stuns and rockets us into a fourth dimension of existence it's quite a statement twenty children he produced as well in his spare time yes exactly frans worry operating director you directed an opera houses is anywhere near as popular in this country as he is in europe yes equally popular it's an amazing story of all of the composers of all time he has he takes place no matter where he occurs on the globe being the most sought after and the most appreciated of all composers of all time why what is it well genius and inspiration he was a channel directly from whatever your view of the cosmos and the spirit is and every single piece that he wrote to varying degrees is a source of inspiration and fascination for for audiences and for musicians for performers of the were just thinking last night we were doing one of the rest achieves from the cantata and everybody kind of looked at one another after the arrest was finished because it sounded like like schurenberg burglar or some modern composer indeed buck did everything that all of the composer's who followed him century as later did and did it better so when you when we hear the brandenburg's we were listening to concerto number five coming in it's so popular sounds like masterpiece theatre merchant ivory movie beginning of know of the costume drama some kind the brandenburg's are his most popular work most accessible work certainly orchestral of all of the orchestral music that he wrote it rank day rank right up there at the very top and they're performed very often makes a great box set it does indeed and they remain as challenging today as they were when they were first performed they are technically not easy whatsoever and they require a great deal of musicianship and technical ability and musicality so it really stretches the entire musical sphere now i know you you required you being the new mexico performing arts society did acquire a harpsichord correct well we have an electronic instrument that mimics the harpsichord with real sound samples so in your in your instance up at the immaculate heart of mary chapel on mount carmel road on sunday at six pm get your tickets now because they always sell out it will be a group made up of what kind of instruments strings flutes hobos and keyboard piano in this case because we don't have a concert style harpsichord okay so our pianists jacquelyn helene graciously has accepted the challenge of performing this music on the piano and she's doing an absolutely fabulous job of it because the day was written for harpsichord correct well that's what was this was pre piano do you have to transcribe it when you have to change what's the challenge the challenges with the harpsichord no matter what sort of pressure you use on the keyboard it doesn't get louder or excuse one dynamic and so bought compensated by writing more notes and quicker notes in order to make more sound you don't have that challenge on the data in fact you have the opposite challenge to not make too much sound because of the enormous number of notes and the quickness of some can sometimes be overwhelming to the year so that's the challenge for the piano player right sounds like one our guests are frond vote and linda marina new mexico performing arts society and linda franz said flute your flouted you're going to be performing yes i am the brandenburg five is for what's called it's a concerto grosso which means that there's a group or a a general orchestral group and then there are three soloists violin flute and keyboard in this case piano we're joined by david felber are violin soloist and i'll be our flute soloist for that first piece is flutist or flout is correct well i'll answer to both but i personally prefer fluted oh you do okay yes i do this loudest is more tied at the british term of floss death it's pronounced all hoity toity yeah and we're pretty you know we've talked about this a little on your show before we're pretty low brow in the sense that we like to try to lower all barriers between the performers and the audience so that there's a real collaborative experience there for people who were listening and people who are performing i like the way you equate lowbrow with my show thank you glad you got that i picked up on the run i'm not the one that's a little bit under the weather here i got a loud and clear thank you very much people can acquire tickets how yes well now i have to say that as of today wednesday april third of we're getting very close to being sold out for the santa fe performance we're not completely sold out but we're really on the border here i'm so we recommend that people go to the website the tickets page of our website immediately that's an m. p. a. s. dot org or they call hold my ticket right away at eight seven seven four six six three four zero four it is possible that the program will be sold out in that there may not be tickets available at the door for particular performance so underlay get on the stick go to the website yes hold my ticket your tickets now usually have some rosa tickets in the front of people want to spend a little bit more for reserved seating yeah that's sold out completely all right if they would like or they're going to be in albuquerque if they're listening online the show on saturday win where same same same program it's almost the same program except that the very first piece is going to be two preludes and fuchs from box well tempered clavier book one also featuring jacqueline helene as piano soloist and then the rest of the program will be identical to the sunday evening program the only difference really is that we're not we're not having the orchestra for the saturday evening performance it is at st michael and all angels episcopal church on montano at seven p._m. on saturday april six and we do have tickets available for that performance we think it's going to be equally beautiful and we encourage people to come to the albuquerque performance if they find that the santa fe performances sold out this is spring show are you going to be doing anything special for the for around easter well this is pretty much our program yeah we usually do it a bit on the early side to avoid conflicting of their major on sombo center performing around then for example you know pro musica hester series and the loretto chapel always at easter time and so forth so what the groups try to do is schedule around each other so that people don't have to choose which programme they want to experience this is some of the some of the best most beautiful historic appreciated music and rural of this especially for me the brandenburg's i mean really stand out because they're just gorgeous.

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