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Sect diversity immortal trial side i found appealing because of course if he would try the electric cars you could all roads roundly creek there's a well maintained and it's relatively safe to have electric cars while they're being and development phases i thought that maybe it will be a good place for a major renewable production because of calls solar resources bid in any way you can imagine in the world the problem is it's a long way from uses and you like to have a resource that's easily able to get into the grid and this is a substantial distance further than out wonderful tesla batteries so it it's a long way out and previously worked as a coal mining town because there was a railway that moved product down to port augusta and they are of course was one of the reasons that it was less economical than it might have been because not only the distance but the fact that we're talking about brown coal and just as you and i might worry about out calories the reason brown coal isn't sufficient is it has a lowcalorie production level and you have to shift more of the stuff to get it to the golden written in its within its dirty it's western dirty which is another problem but one of the issues with history of the town it needed to be browncoal because there's nothing else well you've presented your report so you will wait to see what the pickup happens to be or what well i think that everybody wants the place to survive and i think the history of the area makes you understand why it's so important when i wrote my report i was fortunate to have a little information from the crc for remote economic participation in they funded phd project that looked at what happens off to remind closes and i think that inflammation has helped us to understand that lee creek isn't just important because of the town but also that town is important for five hundred people in the hinterland who have essentially no services outside that area dr john lomax smith former mayor of adelaide on the future of a town like the murray celeste abandoned.

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