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Inspiration for schenectady new york and making that from this story because it was about an artist play my philip seymour hoffman documents connecting new york now who had fullerton emmy does shawn limited unlimited budget and it can do whatever you want and he drove himself michael jim no wanted to be the i read a quote where he didn't want to be respected he wanted he wanted to conjure all in people with his presence this last today standards one hundred twenty million dollars right that's what are you out you're on can i read you the under pity entry for initial reactions the final cut finally premiered at new york cinema one theater on november nineteenth nineteen eighty the the premier was biolo counts a disaster during the intermission during the intermission the audience subdued why aren't you drinking a chevy said to of ashli no drinking champagne he was reportedly told by his publicist quote psa hate the movie michael they hate the movie now if you were calling if you lived through waterworld which brian and i both did there was a lot of oh yeah a lot of bad press leading up to the release before the release that we wanted to clued on this list actually made money for whatever reason that was like the hot topic in hollywood of the time allender section out here in la times swells yeah so that was the same thing was going on here with with.

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