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Dozens and other relatives could not be kept out of the country that still being argued before the fourth and ninth circuit court of appeals the issue is expected back before the supreme court for a final ruling before its term ends in june jackie quinn washington native american leaders are vowing to take the trump administration to court after the president decided to reduce in size too large national monuments in utah bears ears and grand staircaseescalante native americans consider the land sacred utah officials say the two monuments closed off the area to energy development one person dead in a fierce wildfire about an hour northwest of los angeles thousands of homes evacuated the fire is pushing toward the city of santa paula jon andrews lives their verve rookie receiver far above the kenyan headed your way most of the homes in santa paula a city of thirty thousand have been evacuated steelers beat the bangles last night this is ap radio news a new allegation against congressman john conyers from a woman who says she worked for him she says he slid his hand up her skirt while she was sitting next to him in church mic rossi or reports we may hear from congressman conyers today longtime us representative john conyers of michigan has come under fire amid sexual harassment allegations plans to announce today whether he'll stay in office or resign that's according to attorney arnold reid who says conyers is expected to speak on a detroit radio talk show this morning several members of the house have called for the eighty eight year old conyers to step down following allegations of harassment and inappropriate touching by several women who once worked for him the house ethics committee has launched an investigation i might grassia hillary clinton is returning to new hampshire for the first time since just before the presidential election he'll be signing copies of her new book and concord the book is called what happened i'm rita foley ap radio news.

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