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But board you walk in the empty house it's a different ballgame so uh it was bitter tweet the i'm really glad i know i'm glad you know the between vanson kevin and ian hunter uh you know it all got taking care of and they've been so good source you don't know to my ass and it's uh in a uh negligent homicide case with my uh this minor kid makes it even more complicated and steve moore said that to ran over japan and i'm i got uninvolved in that there's a lawsuit pending an there's all kinds of things to go through sam hope you never ever your lifetime have to experience my friend yeah uh and assist you can't i can't even i can't even verbalize how it is shocking nightmare wise i i didn't even know how to verbalize it's you when i saw you that weekend isn't sure most people didn't quite know the words to say but especially you have legal you know stuff dinner causing it to just keep going and going and not not allow that sorta closure to click in because there's there's this more stuff surrounding you know the worst thing that's ever happened to you it's gotta be difficult did you either something i was wondering you know on a personal level because i get where you are dealing especially that weekend which is just distancing yourself from it and completely investing yourself in your other love and and avoiding that dg take time after the show when you've got home to kind of grieve in real life because i think it a you know it's important as awful as it is to have that experience too.

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