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Right? It's saving money on man hours. Yeah, huge savings to big companies. So from where I'm sitting, you guys have E. We've interviewed Steve Forbes the number of times it's a very well known CEOs and to the man, every one of them says, and women Says. If you want to be successful, you find uneven filling. You guys really have something that is bigger. Better, faster, Stronger and cheaper, don't you? Way believe we do? Yes, and s. So what is the next step for you guys? Because I did some diligence on you guys I mentioned last time I talked to you your revenues One of 50% during the global pandemic in 2020. How'd you manage that? So you said something really interesting. You find the need you fill it. So when the big guy's face to prove it, they started peeling back so they laid off 2020% their workforce. We went in cherry pick the best guys. They let go. Even had them come work for us, And you know it's all about customer service. No matter what you sell, unless you take care of the customer. They're not going to feel the love and want to do business with you. When the big guy's scale back It's an opportunity for us to step into their shoes and take market shit. What's up, So that's what really happened last year. So what's up for you guys going forward here because we're still in a coma, But you guys seem to be ramping up pretty well. By the way. These guys were publicly traded under the stock symbol T, R and F D. Crn FT On Of course, their website is tear onus. Fuels calm. We'll put it on our website all tweeted out to our 40. Thousands and industry were a blue flame is more prominent than a chilly night at a friend's house. I knew somehow you work with. So for us, The future is pretty bright, so we're just launching Phoenix. We just launched Miami. We're about to launch Houston. Houston's the largest global mask. Glad industrial gas industry in the world s so we got some really big markets were opening right now. Even with Cove in Arizona's benefited from Californians Moving to Arizona. Yeah, Florida's been booming with people moving from the mid Atlantic down into that state, so we're positioned across the Sun Bell. Some of the biggest fastest growing economies in the country, and we're killing it. Well, I love Listen, I want it. I want you to keep come back Only because this is where those this is one of those topics that that you just don't think about. But these, But did you think about batteries before Elon Musk came along? Not really, honestly. And I don't. I'm not saying that is a joke, either, Scott. I mean, you guys really are in this. I mean, when you think about your customers are, you know carmakers, bridge makers. You know, every construction of the world and you're changing the face of how things were done. Yeah, I love this This deal, and I would love to have you back here with Scott. Thank you so much. Appreciate. Scott Mahoney is his name because he is the CEO of.

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