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All right folks our first guest today daniel strauss former world champion abil tour anime in the featherweight division and he joins us now on emi junkie radio well daniel how you doing good how about you good man i'm grinding trying to get back to where need be but a i'm good you know loving license just veteran on right i know i you know it was public knowledge that four months ago you did have an accident and obviously junky nation are huge fans of yours we had many times on the show but out of respect for the privacy of of what happened you know i think other than sending you a message thinking about you hoping the best the really hasn't been much context so i understand that however it was really inspiring to see a lot of your social media posts just seeing you back you know doing rehab and some training and being in the gym so you know that that was my reasoning for reaching out again and i also wanted you to know that a lot of people do ask a seriously how is daniel doing and and and you know please pass on our best so i guess those why i pushed to have you on i'm glad you're doing this interview thank you guys you know you guys and i've always appreciated love and try to get it back and you know i think all you guys in the fans for all the support and and other wellwishers and the prayers definitely means a lot and yeah you know everyone knows i've been going through you know a little rough time with the accident you know haven't really got into this of the accident with people but you know i came away with a gnarly injury you know i had a some compressed it by no at some you know some bulging disks in my c three four all the way from my t1 c three four you know i lost a lot of muscle and my my legs i just i've been going through it through the ringer.

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