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It difficult to find truck drivers to deliver the portable toilets which is causing additional delays. John babcock the president of satellite industries. Told cnn that the company is dramatically increasing its manufacturing capacity but still having trouble keeping up with demand competitor polly john enterprises also facing issues because of shifts in demand when hand washing was all the rage in the early pandemic days. The company focused manufacturing efforts on meeting new demand for portable sinks marketing director. Danny shaver told. Cnn that the company usually manufacturers seventy percent porta-pottys and thirty percent portable sinks but reverse those ratios when sink demands spite now. The demand for porta-pottys is up again. They've changed the ratios once more but that still leaves a worldwide of plastic resin to contend with as both companies work on expanding manufacturing output and getting materials to meet customer demand some event planners are concerned about the short term impact on summer fund. More than just a convenience. These amenities are required by law for outdoor events in some regions so venues and event planners are in a scramble to find enough potties for the shows and festivals and flea markets to go on in an unexpected twist. The summers commodity isn't a ticket to a big concert or nascar event. It's a delivery. Confirmation that ensures event attendees have somewhere to go from one. This is business wars daily. I'm your host. David brown written by win moran and produced by jessica. Your our executive producers are jenny lower beckmann marshall created by earn on lopin. Microsoft teams is helping priority bicycles reinvent. The way they work when the pandemic hit the bike shop had to close their new york city showroom. They've found a way to reopen by doing virtual visits on teams. Now the team can meet with two or three times the number of customers than they could before.

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