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Lot about tom savage and that ineptitude but because we know they've got hope waiting in the wings we know that next year just shawn watson good to be back in the saddle and they're going to be good if you're baltimore this is still a team very watch with playoff at aspirations right now in the afc that we know is a bit watered down in the middle at six and five still still kind of in it how good can you feel is a baltimore ravens joe flag goes to your quarterback i kept watching last night night stand that at times the production from the weapons has not been there whether it's whether it's been pearman whether it's been mike wallace any of those guys a tight end heavy team on offense you've dow had some injuries the offense of line has been reworked a lot in the last couple of years as you guys the free agency an injury in all these different things so you've got plenty of builtin little excuses but really i tried to think back to the last time that i could have said if i was a baltimore ravens fan i felt comfortable or confident in joe flaco being the quarterback of my team gene and i really struggled verde answer i really struggled to think of the last time where i could have said yes i feel like we've seen the vantage or at least aren't losing because of what we're running out of the quarterback position last night joe flaco was twenty of thirty two for a hundred and forty one yards shall i like the guy who has laura v live arm the one thing we've really lauded joe flaco four for the entirety of his career from when he came out to aware on this guy can throw it a country mile let's push downfield you heard john crude noble sadly lamenting it on monday night football last night deep shots they need to try and exploit the vertical passing game and yet the whole night.

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