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This is the base of the Dan lebatardshow with his two guys spot casts. So Stu gods wants to publicly apologize to Steph curry. We'll get to that in a second. There's a little bit of prisoner of the moment in that because Milwaukee's going to be a difficult challenge than Portland was. And I believe Milwaukee, they're going to need some Kevin Durant against Milwaukee, Milwaukee gets there. But Stu gods ready right now to apologize to Steph curry, or should we move onto some rob Pelinka response conversation because we were very curious yesterday after magic buried the general manager publicly buried everyone in the Laker organization, basically, except for LeBron James, which you prefer to do there. I mean, I feel like I'm not the only one that has Steph carrying apology. We have all criticised Steph curry at some boy for not playing big and big games, but the stretchy has gone on here, especially in the Western Conference finals. But also sits governed, the Rams has gone down has been amazing. Well, one of the thing. When we originally started talking about this team and the hatred for the team. Remember when the Miami Heat got together? Lebron Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade that if everything had played out. In a way that America soul. What was really happening there, which is guys actually sacrificing play with each other that could've felt like an Olympic team if it was wrapped in patriotism, instead of hatred what the warriors did in subjugating ego to go recruit, Kevin Durant. And what grandma Draymond green has tired of which is look, I was good enough before you got here. I was fine. I didn't wanna make that trip to the Hamptons, I would've kicked your ass for three more years wanted us to go Steph thought it'd be funny, if we put Kevin Durant on this team and he'd sacrifices shots dream already done with, like Kevin get on outta here. We were fine before but Steph is the one who's actually made the largest sacrifice because with Durant's usage rate Steph doesn't get to be that often enough. Steph can only be that when Durant's not around. Right. That is a two time. MVP. Ps doesn't get to be that one Durant's around, and now he's, but in the playoffs Dan, people still criticize him for not playing a two-time MVP before Durant. God there and now he's playing like that Steph curry is on given the stage arguably one of the best four and a half game runs ever. Okay..

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