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A lot of college football games I wanna get your take get in I don't know there's a big upsets course the Buckeyes I they were low paid off because they got dropped down in the ratings after winning forty two to up the last week's they put a good weapon on Indiana but that we'll talk about all that we got Mister Tom. on board the official voice of Bristol motor speedway and we'll be right back look for breaker America's trucking. the recent report on America's trucking network Tyler Reddick gamble in Vegas and one reddit gambled on fuel mileage and went seventy laps on one tank of fuel to be crystal rebel to win Saturday's running of the Xfinity series race at Las Vegas motor speedway ready to claim the regular season title earlier in the race to lead the final thirty laps and supporters fifth win of the season Brandon Jones was third followed by coal Custer and Justin all Geyer they'll finish second despite winning the first two stages with relative ease leading one hundred and fifty for the two hundred laps Elliott Sadler finished tenth in his final Baskar start click Boyer will go for the pole and Sundays running of the south point four hundred at Las Vegas motor speedway for the NASCAR Cup series lawyer claimed just his third career Cup series Paul with the speed of one hundred and seventy eight point nine to six miles an hour in Saturday qualifying his first two poles came in two thousand and seven and Darlington in New Hampshire this fall comes twelve years to the day after the New Hampshire poll he went on to win that race the four hundred and thirty one starts between four years polls of the second longest streak in NASCAR Cup series history behind four hundred and fifty six by Michael Waltrip Boyer a playoff driver let a Stewart Haas racing sweep of the top four positions in Vegas on Sunday night Daniel for as a second Kevin.

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