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To be happy. Yeah, I'll try to make you happy with some type of useful response to anything you bring here on America first, Mark Davis enforced, said he's back on Monday meeting. We're together today and tomorrow and it's just been a blast. So far, we got like an hour and a quarter left. So who knows what kind of thrills Lie ahead. 833 33 Gorka 833 33 Gorka Follow me on Twitter at Mark Davis as they get back to do some more calls us to a little bit more of today's audio slash video. Tim Scott, Listen, I consider all day and tell you that critical race theory is the devil's work. Uh, is it I may not be speaking metaphorically. That is poison. It's educational poison. But if Tim Scott doesn't it probably means a little more. So here's Tim Scott on critical race theory. Cut 10 go. 100 years ago, kids and classrooms were taught the color of their skin was their most important characteristic and if they looked a certain way They were inferior. Today, Hughes. They're being taught that the color of their skin defines them again. And if you look a certain way, they're an oppressor from colleges to corporations to our culture. People are making money and gaining power by pretending we haven't made any progress at all by doubling down on the divisions. We've worked so hard to heal in just one of things to love about. Tim Scott's Republican response to the Biden Tranquilizer Dark last night. 833 33 Gorka let us head to Orlando Online five. Sam Mark Davison for said Welcome to America first. How are you? Does. I'm on there? Yes, you are. Well, Mr Davis. Thank you for taking up for Lord Gorka. My pleasure. Yes, it's awesome. All right, So the guy speaks He addresses the ladies of the house, which first Timothy just blows my mind. It's all clear there. But anyways, let's get back to what we're talking about. He clears that up and then I think he said something and then the next thing said Was somebody that declaring war about something, but let's get down to basics. Basics is treason, Treason and treason is anytime you attempt to move the constitution anyway from the forefathers, so, he says. That we the people mean and this State of the Union address last night, So I'm just follow me. If you don't mind, Mark, I believe you. Me. I'm trying that I know you are. I know you're not really I've given it. I'm giving it my best. Throw me a bone man. Throw me a bone formulated by United States military, Believe me. I'm eccentric. We have the president of our United States, saying that the government is who we. The people are that when the book the Constitution and all this provision will put in That it was just a them that were amongst themselves and not the people of the country that we the people mean just government. Did he just declare war against our country? Well else his own words. See? Look there If I just shut up and let you let you roll you did. You did a great job, and so I'll address that. And Sam. Thank you Appreciate it very much. I actually got a call about this on them on my local share. This point where someone said that the president said that you know, the beginning of the Constitution. We the people we The people I love When liberals quote the constitution, it's like, keep breathing. Keep going. Follow it be guided by it. Give us Supreme Court justices who will do the same. And I asking too much here. But anyway, I digress. President Biden talked about we, the people that we That we are the government. Now, if somebody just says this in a civics class, or if somebody just calls me, you know, and it passing and talks about government says, You know, Mark. We are the government. We we elect them and they're supposed to reflect our views and global but probably let it go. It's like, you know, it's we don't have a ruling class or aristocracy. You know the birth right of kings or anything like that. So in that's that's sense. The government is us. But if this day and age you can't let that go because in this day and age, what the Constitution really does has never been more important, and that is to protect us from the government. Some of the most important words in the Constitution When they arise. Our Congress shall make no law. Not not not. Ah, bridging this restricting that limiting this. The Constitution exists to protect the citizen from government overreach. So yes, do we do we create the government and the founding of this nation? Yes. Do they serve at our pleasure supposedly Levy the consent of the governed they serve. Because of the consent of the governed. Well, we are the governed there. The government But especially lately, it's hard to feel like they are us. That we are them or they are, you know, spur announcer troublesome enough these days because it seems like once we vote for all these people, and we have a whole lot of different voters, electing a whole lot of different types of people. That government becomes this enclave of people who sometimes are trying to work on our behalf and sometimes aren't even in our own party. I'm a lifelong Republican. And they're Republicans. You just aren't conservative. You'll get people who will will fall into favor fall out of favor. I've spent Couple of Dec decades. Or maybe not that decade thoroughly enjoying Liz Cheney? I like her dad, too. But what the heck? You know, and I'll tell you what the problem is that Liz Cheney has the same problem happened, Bill Kristol. Same thing happen to George Will trump Hatred eats your brain trump hatred. Weeks. Your brain. You become a couple of did. There's a disassociative disorder. There's a perceptual disorder because you also think you are way more popular than you think you are. There is we have a vacant Congressional district here in D FW, Texas six The late Ron right, passed away Tragically, not long ago. Just a wonderful, wonderful man. His widow, Susan, is running at about 23 other people, You know, big, old jungle primary Republicans, Democrats, independents, calling birds, French hands, all kinds of people are in there. And there's one guy in there who hates Trump's guts. So if you if you got that going, you've got your candidate. He was on the show with me. He says He thinks 35 to 40% of Republicans agree with him that Trump is just a horrible, poisonous demagogue. Will find out, won't we? Uh and listen, you didn't have to love everything. Trump did. You didn't have to have stylistically urban politically, if you're by the way, that was the root of all of this. These people who wound up being trump haters. You know why it wants is because he was a conservative M one Abrams tank. And what he did is call out and illicit the liberalism that maybe they had been trying to hide and now no longer.

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