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He is going to eclipse his fantasy. Totals from last year. So let's get into the wide receivers for the bears. So i up. You got allen robinson. Alan robinson last year productive season. One hundred two receptions on one hundred fifty one targets twelve hundred fifty receiving yards and six touchdowns which led to a two hundred eleven point nine total fantasy points last year and i definitely do think that you know if he stays healthy and continues to be the consistent wide receiver that he is. He's going to have another good season. And you know. I think it's going to be a little bit frustrating in the beginning because you are gonna have some you know switch at the quarterback position at some point but i think he could still do well. With andy dalton. I think he will do well with whoever ends up. Starting for this team Later on in the season. But i think it's gonna be a little bit frustrating for some fantasy managers if the production is in what it has to be when it comes to him. If andy john is not playing well so i do think that him now Him and justin fields can definitely work. It's just in the early stages of the season. It's going to be andy dalton. And like i said i think between weeks three and four. I think that's when we'll expect justin fields to take the field. I said field twice but whatever Justin feels to take the field. Yeah so two hundred eleven point nine fantasy points. I mean this one's a tough one. I'm going to say that he is. I think he's going to be around that maybe a little bit below. I'm gonna say that. Because i do think that darnell mooney is gonna take a big step forward. And i think he's going to be more of an impact player this season. And i think that will take away. Some of the targets and receptions away from alan robinson's to say he's going to be slightly below that i think he will have another good season. And i think the touchdown totals from last year. I think that'll be around the same as well. So that's my thoughts on alan robinson. So let's get into some of the other receivers on this team. So let's go to darnell mooney so last year darnold mooney. Sixty one receptions ninety eight targets six hundred thirty one receiving yards and four touchdowns which led to him having a hundred twenty one point six fantasy points and right now he's dealing with a back issue practicing limited capacity on thursday. So yeah you still kinda questionable for week one. But i do think that he will eclipse fantasy. Totals from last year. I think he's going to be more of an impact player in this offense. And i definitely think that once justin fields takes the field saying fields twice again I think that they are going to develop a nice connection. And i think that mooney is going to become more of an impact player in this offense and i think he'll get over four touchdowns not by a lot. I think maybe you'll get like five or six somewhere around there and yeah he's going to be the number two wide receiver for the bears and now the anthony miller is gone. This opens up more opportunities for him in that regard as well so then moving onto another receiver on this team. You got shot. Perriman last year thirty receptions sixty targets five hundred five yards three touchdowns that which led to an eighty four point one fantasy total performance for last year. I mean i think he probably gets around those numbers again because again. He's probably going to be the number three wide receiver. Now obvious even injury does happen. He'll he'll play more of a role on this team. But i think between allen robinson mooney you got to rico and coming back running the football david. Montgomery you expect the tight end to take a big step forward like whole combat. I think he's going to be around his fantasy totals from a year ago. So that's what i have to say for bershad perriman. Then you also have markey's good went on. The team did not play last year so if he does play he'll be over his fantasy total so never mind with him. So let's go to the tight ends now. So you got coal combat last year forty eight fantasy points. Twenty eight receptions forty four targets two hundred forty three receiving yards two touchdowns i definitely think he will eclipse his fantasy. Totals as a young tight end that i think could be poised to have somewhat of a breakout season for the bears. Obviously jimmy graham is still there. I thought jimmy. Grandma's gonna retire after the playoff game last year against the saints. When he scored the touchdown had that one handed grab and then just walked immediately into the locker room afterwards. But he's still on the team. So i think that does affect coke a little bit and he returned to practice wednesday. He had hamstring injury. But i guess that's not too concerning. I think he is going to eclipses. Fancy told us from last year he's gonna play more prominent role in the offense as well. So then let's talk about jimmy. Graham last year. Jimmy graham had one hundred eighteen point. Six fantasy points fifty receptions seventy six targets four hundred fifty six yards and eight touchdowns. I think he's going to be below his fantasy totals from a year ago. I believe that. I feel like coal. Combat is gonna kind of take over and take away those targets away from jimmy graham. I think he's going to play a more prominent role on the bears. So i think jimmy graham though he will still be used in the red zone decent amount and i think that's what will make him. You know somewhat of a decent fantasy option. If you know if you're struggling to find a tight end. I do believe that. Coal combat is going to take targets away from him. Be the number one tight end. Jimmy grams production is going to go down as opposed to what it was a year ago. So i'm gonna say he's going to be lower than his fantasy totals from ago so now. Let's get into the bears. Defensive bears defense had eighty two fantasy points from a year ago. Three hundred fifty eight points allowed. Ten interceptions eight fumble recoveries in two touchdowns. I mean it's kinda hard to predict you know with that those kind of numbers. I mean when you look at like we talked about the lions on one of the previous shows they negative for they're going to be above that they're going to be above that the bears. I mean i. I mean i you know what i'm gonna say. They're going to be below. Because i do think that there's still kind of you know. They're not the defense that they were back in two thousand eighteen. I'm not going to say it's they're going to be reduced by a lot. But i do think that it's not going to. They're going to have another down year on defense. Now i mean they still got playmakers. They still got roquan smith. Eddie jackson they still got khalil. Mack akeem hex. But i just think that this defense is. It's still not what it once was back in two thousand eighteen and and i just think that you know they're going to give up more points. There's gonna be a few more cracks in this defense. And i think teams are going to be able to exploit that. I don't know i. I just think that you know the bears. They're going to be a defense that depending on the match up. You're gonna wanna start him and you know what maybe if justin fields comes in and provides a spark. This defense plays better. Because we've seen that happen. You know we look at the forty niners from a couple years ago in two thousand seventeen. They were awful. And then jimmy garoppolo came in and they won five straight. The defense played better so that could be something that the bears need they need to provide. The news sparked to You know make them play better and just feels could be the guy that provides that because you know what they've been dealing with playing with mitchell trubisky and nick foles now. They might actually have a quarterback that you know can galvanize them get them energized and go get them to go out there and play better and you know i think because of that their defense will be. It's going to be awful. Of course. But i don't think it's a defense that you would take as high. Were starred as much as you would back in two thousand eighteen when they were really really good. So that's my thought on the bears defense. I think they're going to be slightly below their fantasy totals from a year ago. So moving onto their kicker. You got cairo santos last year. One hundred thirty six fantasy points thirty of thirty two when it came to field goal attempts..

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