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So I am so excited about this guest of mine if hajj Muhammad, Mian. If you Hodge met at a conference a couple of years ago, and I moderate a conversation with her and Gabby Douglas. I was like, okay, she's to dope for us not to be friends. And if you don't know this pixie dust carrier will you should and you about to, hey, GRA, how Levy. Good, good. I'm gonna give people your official bio so they know how like ridiculously dove. You are. So if Taj Mohammad is a fencer in the first Muslim American woman in his job to compete for the United States and the Olympic Games, she's also the first female Muslim Americans metal at the Olympic Games, win bronze in the women's saber team event named one of time, magazines hundred most influential people in the world. She serves as a sports ambassador for the US State Department co founded athletes for impact and the clothing line clothing company Luella and inspire the first job. He Barbie in her likeness. Rancho renting a fan. Y'all joining walkman, itchy, eyes, Muhammad to the podcast Hager. So my first question for you is, what did you wanna be when you were growing up iron iron during I really wanted to earth. You know that you know how it is like black household, your two options? Doctor lawyer, I decided I was going to be adopted and my mom, my dad need every effort to make sure that was going to happen. I spent every summer in and like the local colleges medical schools like in different programs. So for really long time, like most of my even collegiate career I was on past after. So you actually did when see? I also went to be a doctor, but my mind failed by freshman year of college like gotta dean chemistry. And I was like, what this is done. I think or go or go is, is Ray five out that you will not be doctor? No. What I found out way before we go, I found out in chemistry, wanna one. So I. I was a, I was a rap. I was like. I was like, this ain't gonna work. So you when you were growing up and you went to be this doctor, like, how did that turn to fencing. Dr professional athlete. Let's see. I in our house, you kind of had to play sport. You know, we weren't really given a choice whether or not we would play, and I remember how this really, really. You know, my other siblings at the table in my mom, putting the town recreation bug in front of us had all these different sports states. You know in the in the weeks that the summer camp sick. Thing, and I just tried sports like different scored after sport. But for me, the most from kid who even when I didn't hit job when I was really young, I still like, you know, didn't wear the really short shorts. So I spent all this time, you know, buying long flees to go under the two uniforms or by spandex. And I remember I was driving past a little high school with my parents with my momma particular, and we saw athletes inside the school cafeteria from the road. We could see athletes inside the school cafeteria, and they had on these long jackets that had on long pants and they had on what we thought were helmets and the mom's.

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