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Asked him one time. Regan's my mom at her house in the big one of the big photo albums that she has to when we were kids if you go to the back the back two pages the back four pages to for me to for my sister. It is every single picture kindergarten all the way through high school graduation. She has them in order. So you can see your life all the way through. All of those years. she cried. Enjoy diligent about that got laid out one right after the all the way through ace too big as let me see one little ace would really really cute cute kids like this little this little boy kieren in the demaim was complaining about looks cuter with the freckles again but that that other one is not one that they're they're gonna post anywhere put in the yearbook and all they just say. This is the work we can do if you want. It says no now looks like the little kids name all care and instead of cure on long hair how can alexis pocket knife. Give you a herk like you know how sometimes as kids grow up. Maybe they don't look great and they grow up and the ugly duckling becomes the swan that works at verse to because i was a really cute kid and as i got older i got into high school and i was like this is not working. Here was not working for the go back in time. That is what's now trending. Something has happened on this program that has probably changed the dynamic of all of our relationships that happened yesterday. And i'm really worried for the future of the and tj show after finding out what transpired yesterday because the unthinkable has happened. And it's going to be problematic for all of us mex- take your funniest friends with you. Twenty four seven with the act tj podcasts and share on social media subscribe for free now at itunes search for ason tj. We have a very special new member of the ace and tj radio family now. It's farmers market in mooresville. And you're looking for the very best in fresh produce and all kinds of other stuff. It's joshua's farmers market one. Seventy jovi knox avenue mooresville by the wi with today's high demand for companies to find good people as tj dot com has launched a help wanted section and our friends at the von drill corporation. Have immediate openings. Learn more and apply today at a c. J. dot coms. New.

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