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Guns Lifestyle magazine on the planet. It's called Recoil, and he is Ian Harris and Ian. Welcome back to America first. Said. Hug wonderful did say from you and you're too kind. We're going to talk about all the things you guys are doing. You are burgeoning. You are exploding with content at Recon recall TV. But first I got to talk about what's happening in the market for all the people out there who loved the Second Amendment realize it's not just about white tails and hunting on you. I mean, I am Every time we get the latest background check figures for the last month, I think, Okay, that's it. It's over. The craziness is ended, and it's going to go downhill. From now on. People are going to get back to normal. But it's not know every flipping month in crazy. I know. I know it's you know, it's great to see people exercising their Second Amendment rights on doing it through the pocketbook on DH. Not only is it great to see you know existing shooter's going out, adding to their collections, But it's also anecdotally all the evidence that I've seen from some of the feelings that I talk to you on a regular basis. Anecdotally there saying between 40 and 60% of the customers coming in on new shooters, Yes, which, from a second Amendment perspective is marvelous. No, it's fabulous that with new people new Americans were being introduced this lifestyle talk to us about what? You're me. You are on the cutting edge with Recall magazine. You're reviewing the coolest stuff. Full disclosure. It is my favorite magazine. I've written for them in the past. I'm going right for them in the future. Tell us about what? What? What's exciting for those who really are, You know, gun guys like we don't know. The word is gun nuts. There's gay heads as petrol heads. I don't know what the what the The term of art is. But in the market we've got. We've got a ours up the Yazoo. We've got plastic one the nines more than we can shake a stick at what other things that you're finding exciting right now in the American market. Well, actually mentioned riffing on the whole plastic theme. There's ah, coming out. I'm keeping tabs on at the moment just brought out a parliament are 15 complete, Lewis. Which you again getting towards democratization of the Second Amendment is going to be available for about 90 bucks, So it's ready to go on DH. It's one piece could stalk pistol grip. Everything installed. And I think you might 90 bucks with a stuck in the grip of what and good figure God Papa Tube. It's all integral. On DA. It's that doesn't put the cat in the henhouse, and I don't know what will because again, it's just a way to get into. You know the rightful market, given the fact that the majority people who are coming in as new shooter's probably about a handgun, so what's next? Well, the rifle on evey a way to get into America's rifle. Then then coming Master tease like that. So that's one thing that's really in here to make the moment and the other thing that just arrived my my local F F L yesterday, which I was super excited to see. Is AH Check handgun, which is only of their end of the spectrum. And no one of those 7000 won the Super expensive one. What is it? The F K. F. K. Bruno. Andi. So, yeah, that's that arrived, but they've gone the problem a rude as well. So now it's got a brain like a clock. But I still have a really expensive top and so they wanted to bring the price down to very, very reasonable. $1700. Okay, That's not bad. I was thinking about that. That one in the new caliber. What's that? C z looking one in that? That micro caliber that costs about five grand? You know what I'm talking about? Yeah, exactly. Same company, but the they brought out a poem, a version of it and still chambered in that Fiddling heart 7.5. That's it. 75? Yeah. I said 95 grand bullet at over 2000 seat the second out of the handgun, which is insane. Yeah, let's let's talk about all these people that are coming into the gun life right now. Old school answers to weigh you start. You can't go wrong with a 20 to learn how to shoot on a 22 Maybe stung with 38 special revolver to learn the basics, but but really in a 15 Is not a hard gun to shoot well for men or for women. So people who look at this and who have been who have been, you know, influenced by the Oh my gosh, it's black. It looks military. The This is a good place to start as well as an Indian. Absolutely the other unintimidating because chambered in 556 on DH, no intimidating Federico perspective and once you have the basics down weapon manipulation. But then you know, shooting. It's a joy and you just want to go fast. Which is the problem right now. Obviously, right. Indeed, he is the editor of the best magazine Out there. It's called Recoil. You can follow them onto the at recall mag in the last few minutes we have with you e and tell us about recoil TV and the content that you are packing it full with Yeah, It's been really exciting Couple beers for us, because we've seen positioning ourselves to have our own video class ball as an alternative to YouTube. Because we know that from against a settlement with the big cheque is being clamping down on on our rights as Americans, so we wanted to offer that as an alternative, so that anybody who is generating content themselves completely..

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