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Nominate visit w t o p com searched top kids today sponsored by Northwest Federal Credit Union. It's 9 28 on We've got traffic and weather on the AIDS. Now let's head over to Jack Taylor in the Traffic center. Is it in itself? Sounds like it is going to be out of Eldersburg. We've got fire department activity on 26 Liberty Road near Oakland Mills Road. Follow police direction. Broken down. Dump truck had been reported in Bethesda inbound lanes of River Road before Western Avenue. Last seen it had been blocking a right lane. Now you're in pretty decent shape otherwise on Maryland roadways were looking good on 70. To 70 95 b W Parkway, 50. Everybody moving pretty well. We're in decent shape is to make the right in Virginia on 4 95. No hiccups between Alexandria and McClane, Braddock Road West east to Shirley Gate, wrote an accident. There was a crash South bound on 2 34 Dumb Freeze Road in Manassas after Purcell wrote an on 66 coming eastbound leaving Manassas. But before 29 Centerville along the right side, there was a large amount of dirt. Falling down in the right lane on the rails this morning, Mark Camden train 8 51, about a half hour behind from earlier freight train interference. The reminder 11 of 13 closures on Metro started this morning. There will be two others tomorrow being Metro Center and gallery place. We already have closures of Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery. Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian and Federal Triangle. All these metro stations, the trains will not stop at these stations. The trains will run through. But at this point, no stopping till next Friday morning, those stations will all be closed inside the security perimeter. Also some of our closures downtown two new ones today that caused some early delays. Freeway West, leaving the third Street tunnel. No access to Main Avenue. That ramp is blocked. If you're on the 14th Street Bridge, no access to lower 14th. It is closed between 3, 95 and L Street. All the closures between the lips and the capital. You will find the numbered streets crossing the National Mall. All continued closed through Inauguration Day. Fullest on w t o p dot com Jack Taylor w T o P. Traffic Storm Team four meteorologist Chuck Bell the best part of your Fridays. Probably be the first part thanks to your way of increasing chance for rain coming in later on into the afternoon, and especially this evening temperatures eventually reaching the upper forties and low fifties but.

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