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So you mentioned pulp dense activity, Activa bioactive products for proactive dentist, so you're not a fan of pulp, dense, Activa bioactive, restorative restorations by friend. That was the biggest marketing blitz scam of dentistry ever, they put this stuff out. They've got the they've got these individuals that promote this, that aren't dentists claim to be scientists, but don't have any degrees. I can see that tell us all their bioactive this that and the other thing when we use. Them in combination with silver, diming fluoride when we use at Kifah in combination with silver Damian fluoride, we get failures. And then people come back to us and say smart doesn't were why is that? Because when I write an article for Dr by cusp ID for instance, okay? I write the article about silver, Diomede fluoride and glass, I honor and they put a banner for kiva on the top. I didn't put that banner there. They did why because Dr by cusp is owned by shine and shine wants to sell Akiba for pulp debt. So they put the banner up or dentist, who's reading my article, he actually or she actually is reading this thing. Oh because really very quickly because they're very busy. I'll use Activa for Mark technique that doctor for shelhah is recommending, and then they fail. And then they say smart fails look, we gotta stop with the advertising and the B S. This is, you know this is Dennis. Uncensored right Howard right about it. This is real. This is not science resin is in hurt. Dammit, you need to ask. What is in the material need as a dentist as a new Dennis graduating from dental school? You mentioned the numbers you need as a new dentist to do your due diligence. What is in the material? Now, if the manufacturer and let you poke that this instance, says to, you know, we can't tell you what the formulation of that kiva is we aren't allowed to tell you how much last is inactive because it's proprietary walk away. You need to know..

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