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What did you call me. She can't go down on the court lake she normally does. She has the best seat in the house normally but she prefers will. She has to stay up here and wear a mask. Yeah dacoven protocols have changed. Everything in our lives haven't they. Yes they have now. You and i should wear masks. Yes but kayleigh shouldn't wear masks. She's young and healthy. We're the old guys that's right and seeing okay. Okay bill world giving you advice all is giving you. I actually like in hearing that clip. I thought bill when he was saying the end is like she's she's beautiful we. We're old haggard. Men like we should be the ones covering our faces wearing the mask. She shouldn't have to but then bullard. Yeah like not covers for him by any means but then he says the no. She's young and healthy. She guest doesn't need a mask. That little clip was weird real. I bullard i think was saying young people who are healthy. Don't eat to wear masks. That's his opinion. Yeah that's an interesting opinion. I guess to shared at the time. Yeah okay what do you think. I back fourth of july copy then other times. I think it's actually so simple. It's so simple that one. What was the john wall potter. It did he come back straightaway. I think he. I think it was like a couple of weeks and i think really l. real early season. Yeah mosques were big talking point about it. You know what you need to do stuff like that. So yes real sea. You're right early in. The season is when masks. Well have been most in the conversation. I think for during an nba game. I think the booze they're referencing. Were maybe supposed to be like the in arena. Booze hyping in and to me. That's why i think it's fake. I don't think that nba. Broadcasters would be going out and giving mass recommendations early in the season after. They've just been briefed on all the safety protocols prior to the season this is literally wait reading. Way too deep into the ins and outs of the cdc recommendations but give me a fake. Because i don't think they would be talking about who should and shouldn't be wearing masks in arena true. That's very weird. That's why i founded strange. That's a good point. Oh wow okay. Break the tie here skates. Well i think. I think it's real my gut just said real right away. Knowing bill were l. And bullard i'll stick with. Lee went real as well. Sorry.

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