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And there's been evidence of that of course with it's conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather jake. Paul recently with ben aspirin in the reverses drops. James toney was there in boston when he fought randy couture. That was over quickly. Why is your situation going to be different. Will you can't ever put jake all in the same conversation. A great violate james. Toney fighting radical tour on the national. You can't put that in. The same is conor. Mcgregor who surveyed intimate fighting gets gig. All was a fighter because he saw now because of his resume not because of his history. Not because of will none of for different things where it's vice. Those more will celebrity fights back in nato's new celebrity charity invites so for me. Do wanna find a fighting him. Go get you hit a lot harder than ben. Aspirin no doubt but ben went down from that first. Big shot that jake land did not i think jake while he's not a championship level boxer by any stretch. I think he can box. I mean what. What would you do differently. What can you differently than a ben. Aspirin could do ahead.

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