NRA, Reporter, Marco Rubio discussed on Thom Hartmann


A list as says politicians who received uh the more money money from the nra the ten wanted list yeah uh on on the top of the list with john mccain yeah now is the number one more lifetime recipient of nra money right but but the but the interesting one was was my congressman greg gianforte hm he's the guy who beat up the reporter right yes does he make us proud yet yeah yes right anyway three hundred forty four thousand six hundred and thirty dollars and and the people that in their office didn't know anything about that uh now and that's probably the money that was donated to his campaign the big way that the nra influences elections is they'll come in and they'll spend millions of dollars without running it through the campaign uh uh you know coffers and this way they get around anchorman of restrictions at all they simply run the ads either trashing you know say in the case of marco rubio they could run an ad that says we all need to support marco rubio for the great work he's doing to defend american values and it's not actually a rubio addeds it's not saying vote vote for rubio it just says nice things about him or if he's got a challenger you know if there's a democrat run against him they'll run attack ads against the challenger and those are not considered inkind contributions if they do it exactly right and the nra spends the i mean that's how they put thirty forty million bucks into trump's campaign so did i talk to him about thirty thirty three thousand people killed uh per year to congresswoman have been shot the doulos vegas situation and ask them about so who pays for all these medical and funeral expenses this has got to be something that's ridiculous i mean you can't perform this would just go fund me pages and i basically told him i said you know just because a person has mental problems unless the play with maxus doesn't give them the right to go out and buy a flame store right and uh you know i talk to them about the things that you see a gun shows you know the the thing that if if you wanted to buy a gun and you have a criminal record or you have a history of mental problems you go into a sporting goods store the new and.

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