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Two undefeated. Nationally ranked teams were also taking your questions for coach Fickle at 513749 7000 or Toll free 1 800 Big one or pounds 700 ON A T and T. Let's go to Tim in Maysville. Hi, Tim. You're on with Coach Fickle guys. Thanks for taking my call. Courage. Glad you stated, you see, is really happy. These program continue to build that there. I begged him. Ah, fun question who you take if you can pick Shawn Springs, Orangutan Winfield. Well, do they have to attack or just cover? Which one are they do both Because they were going to cover I take Shawn. And if you're going to blitz them, or they had to tackle that I would take Antoine Winfield, probably above anybody else. Okay, I'll be with you on that one. My question. Isn't it kind of goes back. How much of your philosophy did you take from Fred Pockets when you was at Ohio State and how much they form some of your defense of lot fees today. Well, I would say a lot, but I would say more that than anything. I'm in the coaching professional lot because of Coach Bug. He said something to me one time. I think at a young age because I never had any idea. He never had the thoughts of coaching. I just was not something that I had thought about. I was had all these other ideas I was gonna you know, go to med school, Be a doctor that all these different things and He told me one time you said I don't want to feel like I've ever gone to work. I love what I do. Um and that always stuck with me And he did. I mean, he was a guy that had incredible energy always loved what he did. Was was very aggressive, so the philosophies of being aggressive. A lot of those things I would say comes a lot from him. But just in general, being a coach and getting into this coaching profession because the energy that he had the fun and the excitement that he had when he said that to me it was something that stuck with me. Okay. Appreciate your Ah, your input, And I wish you the best luck Direct the year. Thanks to appreciate it, Tim. Thanks for the call. So the follow up is Do you feel like you've never gone to work? Well, the last thing that until it's filled mental this year 20 21st time You feel like home my goodness, and it's not like you're going to work. It's your waiting for results. The sea whether you're allowed to continue Goto work, so no it when you're dealing with 18 20 words in the fun and the excitement that you have the people that you're around it. That's what makes it so exciting. That's so much fun. Remember when I first started, my wife says, How could you be working for 14 hours and come home and smile and be happy and I'm like Just like coach books. I don't I wasn't working. I was having fun with a lot of guys I enjoy to be around the probably the greatest thing that I've had an opportunity to do. And that's play the game and coach the game. Love what you do, and you'll never work a day the rest of your life. Let's go to Janet in blue Ash. Hello, Janet. You're on with coach people, everybody. I have a quick question for the coach. I've been going to UC games our family has for 50 years, So we know a lot about you see football, But one of the questions I have is, I noticed that Frequently when last year in particular, and I've seen that this year on TV when the bear cats need a yard or two headed like Using like a power forward type of thing. That quarterback tosses about the ball back, and then the back move forward after being back about three yards and I was wondering what the rationale is on that type of place. That's a good question. I almost I asked the same question. I don't remember the bear cats don't it as much, but I saw it this Friday this past Friday night in a in a high school football game on on third and one Where they tried to toss instead of trying to run that thing down till I think I feel exactly in the way you feel I don't always call the plays offensively, but if I were to call the place, we would be going downhill. We might be under center and handed it to a full back. But right now, that's what I was. Yeah, it seems like it's been tossed back. I've seen it on TV, another football games that I've watched other teams, you know, type of thing, and I never understood what What's the reasoning behind was it seems like you would just want it. Kind of gather it towards you know, Abby back. He has to be in the back, You know, type of thing, But I'm with you. Power drive. Yeah, that's that's if you feel like you can overpower him, then that's what you do. But sometimes deep down inside, you don't feel like you can overpower him. So you gotta trick him so You know, you got to know what what your strengths are on go with him, so hopefully we'll be running the thing downhill. I also too. I want forward to seeing.

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