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O. r. Mets radio network, here's Wayne Randazzo After an impressive showing last night in the Bronx New York. Match are hoping to continue their string. Of series wins they won the last three if. You count the Yankees series and. They begin a two game set tonight against the team with the worst record in. Major league baseball the already eighty four loss Baltimore Orioles I'm, Wayne Randazzo from Oriole. Park at Camden Yards we welcome you to the ballpark this is. The Nissan Mets pre game show on the wwl wire Mets radio network take on the unexpected with Nissan's available intelligent safety shield technologies innovation that excites left-hander Jason Vargas has actually done well in his career against, the Orioles ten career starts at two thirty three, ERA and he'll be up. Against right hander Andrew cash near the former San Diego Padre who faced the Mets four times when, he was with the, Padres as a starter, but had. An old three, record and a seven twenty nine ERA last. Night the Mets got twelve strikeouts. From Jacob degrom they hit five home runs as they. Pounded the Yang Eight to five last night at Yankee Stadium the Mets able to make it a subway series split for the season going, three and three by winning two out of three in the Bronx. Has for another step forward to a potential site young award is twenty first consecutive start with three runs allowed or fewer yet another double digit strikeout performance and Mickey. Callaway glad to see degrom make that. Statement in front of a national television audience it's. Time for the manager show with. Mickey Calloway picky yesterday we saw Jacob degrom strikeout twelve Yankees last night and did. You feel like he needed that kind of showcase in terms, of his Cy Young. Race I think they can't hurt I think that I felt like. He was going to go out there and pitch a really good game against that lineup just given where he throws the ball and and how you have to attack that lineup to have success so it didn't, surprise me but I'm glad he had it and, it it definitely is going. To help you know his calls for that. That award put our conversations like that with the guy Liked to Graham when you want to take them out of the game and. He doesn't necessarily want. To come yeah none of the none of the whole team was like don't take him out don't take him out leaving man ain't no it's tough and I wanted to hear. His side of the story and you know I kind of told him how I felt about it you know. I I can't ever put one game one out one bad or in front of a a guy's? Career and and I felt. Like if I would've let him face him and I realized Jacobs really good and he probably could have got him out, on three pitches but you know who the hitter was kind of scared me I've seen that guy put. Fourteen pitch at bats together, and had doubles on the fifteenth pitch and. If we would have done that and taking Jacob out to one hundred twenty five hundred twenty six pitches out you know Would have not been doing. My job what have you, heard about David right after back to, back games played yeah I heard he bounced. Back really good from both of them he feels, good coming off the field and you know I'm glad that he's able to. Get back out there and no he's excited about playing baseball again and would like to get up here and help we know Jay Bruce is starting his rehab assignment. Today, what what's his timetable here for the week or so, know I think we're. Going to try to. Get him in as. Many games. As possible while still you know taking care of his body we're gonna, let him play some outfield play some first base he'll. DA game? And just get him as many bands as we possibly can before getting back up here you got Jason. Vargas starting today at some point will it be meaningful to get him through six or seven innings go deeper and games would it would be nice I think. That you know with his schedule the way it's been it's. Been tough to do that so far and I think once it normalizes a little bit if. We can make that happen that he should be able to do that now we saw Michael Conforto hit another home, run yesterday What? What, has helped his bat bounce back since the all-star break I. Think that you know he's he's finally, gotten enough bat, at bats this year where that long layoff from from the surgery, and no spring training he's finally kind of hitting his stride and there's conviction in. His swings finishing his swing and he knows is going. To go out there and put an a good at bat together and that goes a long way when you're trying to perform gotta save yesterday's he regulated, a little, bit after that tough stretch, he was he has he's. Comeback really good I think his, last few outings were seeing you know ninety five ninety six them at times with. With good sink keeping the ball down getting ahead those are all the. Indicators that the kids back where he needs to be so he's done a great job of bouncing back is in. A great job of throwing out of the pen and his first, full season doing that so it's not an. Easy task and he's he's taking the bull by, the horns and Dan great job in Baltimore good luck thanks that was the. Manager show with Mickey Calloway what's on tap for today Nights Nissan Mets pregame shows a flashback to Stephen Matt's going deep. In a game with the no hitter while here the nationals bullpen implode again on the road and Robert Casselman will. Join us. In. The leadoff spot right here on the w.. O. r. Mets radio network.

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