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Your X ray will be down there. The doctor will see you fear the labs are there for you. And then the nurses that work with you, Kaiser. They make you feel so at home. They're there to meet you. I would not be alive today. If I had not had. I feel really, really great knowing. Is a place that I could go to make sure that I can maintain every medical case is unique to one of the chefs in ST Ruffle Maryland. She's early if I do Closed gyms and stress eating during the pandemic have created a size problem over the winter. Lauren while lost £50 when the pandemic hit, I was in full workout mode with the lowest I've ever been, but she, like a lot of us gained some weight cooped up at home. For some, that means buying larger clothes. People truly aren't sure of their size. So there there's still ordering Three of everything. Rajiv Sharma of perfectly the online try on location hypothesis is with people being lock in and not having much to do. There's a lot of eating going on. There's a lot of stress. There's a lot of boredom, and it's led to a doubling of returns online from March through June. You know, I bought 30 bathing suits in Return. 27 Steve K. Thin CBS News. A restaurant in China has apologized for asking diners to weigh themselves before injury. It was part of a national campaign against food waste. I'm CAMI McCormick CBS News, Thiss is Chicago's all news stations. Use radios, 78 and one Opie 10.9 FM and w BBM news radio dot com It's 605 Saturday morning, August 15th. 2020. Good morning. Thanks for joining.

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