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It's basically about how this one seaside town in Croatia. Got so overwhelmed by British like Stagg we last weekend. Delic everyone moved out of town and just came into the bars and then left and like basically gave like ceded the town to the British tour. Fascinating and horrifying. So I I can understand Croatia's sensitivity. All right. We've had enough leave. Out of. Yeah. And and so and the other thing that you know, like Mike was at the premiere, and that's that's like I was so interested to hear Mike feelings around the premier and being there. So that the other interesting thing, I think about that big, you know, they did Radio City Music hall. They didn't do it in LA. Like, they usually do it. They like they really splash out. There's a giant thrones in Rockefeller plaza. It's like that they had most of the cast their. I mean, I I don't think Amelia Clark was there. There were one or two other main people who weren't there. But like it was was there. Lena Hiti wasn't there because she's sick. Sorry. Handy wasn't there? But like it will it reminded me of like being a kid when you took all of your like Star Wars figures and laid them out across the stage musical I was like, holy smokes. Like, they were all there all the dead people. Sean bean was there. Yeah. Also, there's a symbolic the symbolism of Radio City Music calls a few blocks north of HBO's headquarters in New York. Yes. I think they were like this is our turf lake where we're bringing this home for the one last thing, you know, I think as sort of a kind of HBO specific branding their their with location and also started a full damn our late because the red carpet long imagine. I'm sorry Joanna. I interrupted, you know. No, no, no. That was a great point. But the the people who were there who work on the show who were maybe like burnt out from all the work. They put into the final season or any number of other things got reinvigorated by seeing all those people there who were excited seeing the enormous throat. You know, they were like I was feeling disconnected from this all like end we finished shooting, and it was sort of over. I was talking to Paul Fairfield who does this out on the show, and she's just she's like she works on her own in her own house out of our own studio. And she like, you know, she's been isolated and just like making dragon noises like. Doesn't wasn't really connected to the larger thing. And then you get to go to this thing. And just see like, wow, what an impact your, you know, silly drag annoys job or whatever has had on people like the story is so important to people so fascinated me, and my friend Margaret who came as my plus one she was she is like a political person. And so she's like so who's here. What is those? I was like I think it's the people who worked on the show or like filling out huge portion of this audience. And I mean, there's a lot of people who've worked on that thing. And it was cool that Dan Weiss said and their remarks beforehand, he was like this is the last time, you know, he said this is bitter sweet because we're really excited to be here. But this is really very likely to last time. We're all going to be in one place. So it really is. I mean, they understandably they were they were aware of the momentousness of the occasion. And you know, and rightly so I mean, no one they were saying like, we'll never experienced anything like this. And how could they I don't I don't think you ever could. Yeah. Apparently there. Yeah. Apparently their slogan for the season was we'll never see. It's like again or something they were making it. I wish it was a little owes lately self-important. But like, it's also true. You can't you wanna be like come on guys. But then you're like, well, no, you're right. Actually, nothing really say about it. So Mike you've seen the first episode in Arkansas spoiler for anybody. So think they should be concerned..

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