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The dials a big thanks for tuning in. We really do. Appreciate it doesn't get the follow us on Twitter. Dr Dalia in on Facebook that after Delhi show. So syphilis is back in the news lately in the year, two thousand seventeen more than one hundred one thousand people in the US were diagnosed with syphilis. A hundred and one thousand people in a year diagnosed now that doesn't even the numbers of people. Not diagnosed. That could have for years. And so we've been talking over the last couple of years about this resurgence of syphilis, which we don't know why the heck it's coming back. But we have some ideas, they say rural communities where people have less access to healthcare. And they say more conservative attitudes toward sex, maybe feeling the rise in syphilis. Now. This is what experts are saying. We'll talk a little bit more about that. Personally. I would think a conservative view on sex would help stop the spread. But I guess they're saying that if somebody doesn't wanna come forward to talk about having sexual intercourse at a marriage or having homosexual sex, they'll be less likely to get treated. And so that is that is a factor. They say figures have suggested that the use of heroin and methamphetamine is also driving up syphilis rates. They said small towns people might be seeing the doctor that will personally or doctors have never seen syphilis before maybe struggling to diagnose it. Now. Can I just say you better not have graduated medical school? If you don't know how to identify syphilis. We'll talk a little bit about that. I mean, that's that is a problem. If you are not thinking syphilis, in fact, you know, what I don't mean to get beyond my my high horse, but I've had to remind people to run syphilis tests. I run a syphilis test all the time the one I cream for today's. Everyone's like all you just waiting for HIV and hepatitis I go and syphilis and syphilis. What's that syphilis? We haven't seen that for a long time..

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