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Having you back on our show soon. Really powerful stuff, appreciate not. Today's undisputed has looked a bit different, and we've had important and powerful conversations as we have reacted to the protests. It's it's crazy. We three hour show and I'm so emotional. Thinking about the death of George Lloyd. We have reacted. We have tried to have honest conversations, and it hasn't been easy and we're not done talking about this, but Shannon I would like a final thought from you on Today on what we've talked about. This, a beard, difficul conversations that we must have in order to advance the ball of apart too long. We've turned by. We've tone down there and pretending that the issues does did not exist. We know they do exist. And I understand this skip. Sports debate, talk show, but this is sports. This affects us all because so many of sports heroes on black men. And this goals to them into bore us to have an opportunity to lend our boys to let people know. We hear you. We understand, and we're willing to do something. We've had enough and for us to give me the opportunity to fit across from you to talk about these issues that in of itself. It will accomplish. Which is why Shannon today of all days it has been an honor to share the stage with you and I want you to know here on live TV I am so proud of all you stand so strongly for when it comes to racial injustice. God, bless you. But Humana appreciate. Stay strong people. Stay strong and again maybe tomorrow we'll do a little more sports, but we're. This is very important day for us here on undisputed. I agree with skip and I echo that Shannon. Thank you for paving the way for your honesty. Start all of this How can we be a part of the change? That's what I'm taking from today and we'll be back. Same time tomorrow..

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