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I liked was the way that the running game was still pounding. The offense of line was still moving forward. And I think that's something that is going to be built on in weeks to come that their stuff. They're the big plays are going to happen. But the Chuck plays are something that is something that you can look at it and say we're going to build on that. And that's a positive to take away from last week. I think a lot of people will load up the box put extra defenders in there to to stop us from running the football. And we still had success doing it. But that can only help us as a team. You know in the long run because now we'll be able to throw it a little bit better because they have less defenders defending the pass. And and when you talk about when you expand that out you're talking about a quarterback, who's young and is just gathering some experience having a box full of defenders is absolutely awesome. Because then you get single coverage on the outside. And it's easier for him to work with those safety's already down. You can open up the game a little bit more to push pull that you have to do on that offensive side. But the line as you mentioned before the line is surging forward. They're still looking good. It's just win. It all comes together. It's gonna look really good. It's just not quite. Offensive line has been outstanding. We we have a young man, Tommy Richardson, who is probably one of the best in the country. Every NFL scout has been here to see him. And next to him is Israel Helms who just turned twenty one who's six foot five or six three hundred and ten pounds who's really long and athletic, and they're also coming to look at him. So the left side of our offensive line is tremendous and we were younger on the right side. But they're pretty darn good too. And it's just getting behind those guys in getting that surge, and we saw that a couple of times of of just that's your bread and butter. If you want something done, you're certainly going to that left side almost certainly going to that left side. But one of the things I noticed was with James hill that he there's a way about him in the way that he runs is just very deliberate and very determined. And that usually gets you some success when you have a guy who's not, sir. Searching for a whole he's just getting to this running. He's just running. He always seems to be going forward to has great vision. The thing about James hill that that people probably don't know is he's about six three and two hundred twenty pounds. So he's not a little guy. He doesn't run as compact as maybe a Romolo Brown. Did you know who was probably two hundred and fifty pounds and shorter. But he's long and lanky and strong. He's extremely strong. So people will get hands on them or get arms on him. And he runs through it like, it's just paper. And you say I always make fun of my call George and what's a good comparison. Obviously Eddie Georgia's super special. But my my Heisman backfield is Eddie George and Archie Griffin the anti mafia. So. There are worse things to be compared to. But I just like the fact that James felt like he was at the line of scrimmage as soon as the hand off the exchanges made. He's at the line of scrimmage already. And he's he's getting to a whole, and it's that straight line running. But it is as you mentioned. It's not going down with that first contact, right? You're going to have to really get a good hit on them. And it's hard to do with a guy like that who's constantly moving and he's a little bit bigger. So even if I contact won't necessarily bring them down. He's very difficult to defend the other part of it is, you know, we we were in helmets and shoulder helmets and shoulder pads today, and so we didn't have our game pants or anything like that. So we're in shorts and as he's running around in shorts today. I'm looking at his legs his legs are just enormous. And and you don't realize how thick he is in the lower body and again at six three and that thick and the lower body. He's he's a load. We've talked him in previous. Ios about the diversity of backfield in there, so many different styles that those guys run we look at the market. He seemed like more of a just ran. He's going right at you. And he's the head guy. He's he's going straight at you. But with James, it is a one little probe, and it's a different. It's just so smooth. In. It doesn't look like he's running. He tried to take over a couple of people. But that is just a different sort of feel it, and it's fun to watch. When you see the rotation of those guys might be in the same series might be from one series to the next series. But you can see that there's a method to the madness with how you're settling those guys in and out. I'm trying to keep them healthy trying to keep them fresh, and they're obviously competing, and I've said for a for a couple of years now since Steve Sharon came to to us that if I put him at tailback he might Russ for fifteen hundred there. So I'm kinda looking at maybe putting him until back a little bit and know giving us a two hundred and fifty pounds sledgehammer. So. We're we're very excited about those guys. You've had those bigger guys Rabelo Brown who's been a bigger type back rumbles along. But he has that speed. You've had speed guys. We've had everything under the moon of different types of bags that we've had in the backfield. So it's just good to see that. There are choices that can be made. But there's certainly speak guy. But they're straight ahead guys. And now you've got the offensive line to go along with it. So there's some success that we're starting to see. But I think the future is still bigger and brighter with a lot of these guys that will see in that backfield that that big what's coming that. Big run is coming epic touchdown that changes the game where saves game is going to come in the next couple of weeks. It just. You know, the funny thing I'm watching the team today. And and from an offensive standpoint, I was looking at the seniors. And I think I have two senior wide receivers a senior tight end to senior offensive linemen, and that's pretty much it. So there's a bright bright future for that group. And with the guys that were rich hurting like a king Sanders another running back. He's very talented. It's gonna be it's gonna be fun to watch these guys grow and compete and get better and better. And that's that's just looking at the back through what I think that's a promising area of the office that we can look for a lot of brighter future tour. We're going to take another quick break. When we come back. 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