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Joining me as our co host. This morning is Caroline Hudson who's also registered and licensed Dietitian and has been working in the field of nutrition for a very long time. She has a wide range of employment opportunities and diverse clientele. I think she's very wise Dealt with a variety of health issues In fairly recently about three weeks ago caroline add hip replacement surgery because she wants to keep up with her mother who eggs the lake superior trails and I forgot to mention that. Her mother is ninety two years old and loves to hike. I think that's fantastic. I kinda WANNA be her. Yeah she loves a Kayak too crazy. Good Carolyn. You had hip surgery just three weeks ago. Yes yeah and you're already back to work. You're looking good looking spry thank you. How did you so quickly? Oh yeah you know I R? I went back to work almost Earlier this week so just a little over two weeks. in recovery so I feel like I'm doing great. I even walk without my cane. If I'm not out on those icy icy patches of roadway or whatever but Minnesota the challenge. Yeah but we have a great morning today. Don't we do? Hopefully all of our listeners. Here in Minnesota will be able to enjoy this weekend so good morning. Everyone Good Morning Melanie. Good morning to all of our listeners. And I'm really happy to be here this morning You know I I think I recovered really well. Because I was even more diligent with the way I eat on more than normal. You know mutually pretty pretty good but I didn't you know after right. I didn't have any processed food anemone sugar. I really limited by carbs because the carbs gluten things like that now pasta and all of that they really cause inflammation in my body and many people's body. I ate a lot of protein and a lot of vegetables and of course really high quality protein and up to my supplements. I started taking more mega threes. So a mega threes help decrease that inflammation. I took more magnesium and added the injury and surgical support formula to my regimen and that formula contains really crucial micronutrient nutrients like vitamin C. The B. Vitamins Zinc Vitamin E. Glucose Amino and MSN and it's supports ports. Cellular Health Joint Health cartilage tendons ligaments. All of those things are important. My hip surgery. I mean they're they're like cutting into you and cutting parts out so you need all of those things and the other thing is. I made sure I got adequate sleep. I even took a little time off work before the surgery and had a little bit of a vacation so I just really concentrated me and I mean we're talking how `bout You know all the medications that they give you in the hospital and I thought it was fascinating that you were saying. They came in with anti nausea. You're like Nope I'm good. They came in with stool softeners. Nope I'm good. They came in with so that is so impressive. They didn't like it too much because they had already broken. Open the blister packs or whatever they're in and they said well we have to throw them away and I said well that's okay. Just throw them away. I don't I don't need that I don't want it so great. I love that So both let's go back to topic both cancer and obesity are serious health risks. Let's look at some data about the increased rate of obesity. The National Adult Great in two thousand sixteen was almost forty percent. This is even sadder that child obesity rate was just under twenty percent nationwide so obesity has increased by seventy percent over the past thirty years for adults and children by eighty. Five percents crazy. What does that mean in reality? It means four out of ten adults over. The age of twenty are considered obese. Carolyn O. That's just oh then the thought of that is just you know. Are we headed? Yeah where are we headed? And we see every day but You know it's really scary. So the American Cancer Society estimates that forty eight hundred new cancer cases are diagnosed each day each day. That's nearly five thousand cases daily so the lifetime probability of being diagnosed with cancer is slightly more than one out of three people. Wow how that's really scary. So researches found that about five percent of cancers in men and about eleven percent of cancers in women can be attributed to excess body weight however the connection between weight and cancer can be quite complicated so some studies suggest that on the risk for some cancers if he'd appear to be more for people who are overweight as a child or as a young adult so. I think this is really alarming because as you just said over the past thirty years the obesity rate for children has increased by eighty five percents. So where are we headed? Where and you know I love. I love where we're going in our society when it comes to decreasing fat shaming and decreasing The all of the the love your body as its as it is and I love that however we have to look a little deeper in. Are you putting your health at risk? Because that's really what's important here. Loving yourself is fantastic and But we WANNA look at. What is the risk factors attributed to obesity? And when I think back to my elementary school days it really was very rare to have more than Really one overweight child and class but today teachers tell us that many children need classroom are overweight or obese. And you have to ask. Does this mean as these children are aging that they're at a higher cancer? Risk It could go very high so that. That's the scary place. Yeah it really is so listeners. You might be wondering. So how does obesity actually cause cancer? So let me see if I can explain this a little bit so we all understand. The risk You are taking. If you're carrying extra body fat. You know many people who are overweight frequently. Stop looking in the mirror you know. That's not very comfortable right or they refused to be weighed or they you know they. They won't way themselves and they won't themselves at the doctors. I don't want that lecture Yeah No of course not or maybe. These people stop shopping for clothes until they lose some weight. A man like I hear that I'm not gonNA shop because I need to lose some weight and we've all exactly but do they lose the weight. Unfortunately that just doesn't happen and as Dietitians. We've heard it all right now but I don't think most people realize that extra body fat is really increasing. Their risk for cancer perhaps to really seriously Understand a about losing weight. Many people who are overweight or obese half to realize the results from these decades now of research it's involving millions of people and this research clearly shows the link between being overweight or being obese and getting cancer. So what I want you to realize. Is that being overweight or obese is much more serious than just how you look how you look in the Mirror. Of course of course once again How could be in a way cause cancer? Let's look at the biochemistry for better understanding our listeners. Fat Cells make extra hormones more growth factors and inflammation. And when you have extra fat is specially around the liver pancreas heart and kidneys the fact consistently sends out messages to the rest of your body. Let's talk more about this when we come back from break. It's time you're listening to dishing up nutrition brought to you by nutritional weight and wellness a study conducted. Seventeen years ago by the American Cancer Society found after studying nine hundred thousand American adults for sixteen years that most obese women had a sixty two percent increase risk for dying from cancer than the women of normal weight. The increase for obese men was fifty two percent higher risk. Today we want to explain. Why extra weight increases the risk of developing cancer? We'll be right back. Well welcome back to dishing up.

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