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A traits nra we end up in while the signals from the eu about uk banks all very different that they will michelle bhatia says they will lose their financial paul sporting rights to operate elsewhere in the eu will the bunkering was pretty onto sermon later today uh so we have they haven't published the full details of the statement but these are the the european position is that openness opening negotiating position i'm confident that we can get a good deal in this and i think we showed pepsi should have resigned well in at the app i mean i know the bank of england selfishly independent but this was something that could have been a balkany chip couldn't it well i'm i'm confident that we can get a good deal the as you know the the precise tactics are always going to be debated but the crucial thing here is also to reassure eu banks that they can operate as they can now but i think that earlier this month we demonstrated that we can get a good deal of course is going to be noisy rallies saint go as far as uk banks it can santigi still think it's going to be possible for them to retain financial at pulse sporting rights well as a sam i'm confident that we can get a good deal on it but we've got to i would ask you to aim off slightly reading out the eu's open negotiating position and saying that's why we're going to end up because as we discovered earlier this month the negotiate in the negotiations the two sides come towards each other and that's what we're gonna be doing over the next weeks and months hancock anti as twinge prostate what makes among go down one part in large instead of another isidi nature as a child can you make a decision bit rachel wrong that then shapes the rest of your life the football a soul campbell believes he experienced a crossroads movement the age of thirteen and that's what gave him the determination become one of the country's most successful spokesman for this programme has been bank to hackney in east london to be to jolted friend who's life followed a very different of to his own good good good good.

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