Senator Sanders, Joe Biden, Reverend Jackson discussed on Election Ride Home


That's why I choose to endorse him today. Sanders previously endorsed Jackson for president. Back in nineteen eighty eight. When Jackson was running in the primaries against none other than Joe Biden joy in read pointed out on twitter. How many similarities? This race has to that one tweeting. There's a lot that's parallel about. Then and now sanders is platform is similar. To Reverend Jackson's back. Then while Biden is winning a lot of the States Jackson. One in eighty four and especially in nineteen eighty eight when he did so well. They had to bargain with him at the Convention Allah. Dnc Post Two thousand sixteen she continues. Sanders endorsed Jackson in nineteen eighty eight when he was Burlington mayor which likely helped him in. That state though Michigan was the big surprise that scared the party shitless they feared a brokered convention end quote. There's lots of interesting parallels that give context not just Jackson's endorsement. But to our larger political landscape. Right now I'll link to that thread which also links to some other good reading materials in the show notes but back to endorsements Biden picked one up from every town for Gun. Safety not huge shocker. Considering their ties to Mike Bloomberg and Biden's work on the Brady bill versus Sanders opposition to certain aspects of gun reform earlier in his career. Even though he's long since changed his stance. It can't be surprising that every town would pass on endorsing him speaking to George Stephanopoulos on. Abc's this week in response to a question about Biden's slew of endorsements Sanders said quote. It's no secret George. You know politics in this country. We're not going to get the most support of elected leaders not most governors not most senators but we are winning the support of grassroots America. Because we have an agenda that speaks to working people and quotes. There's also two more not quite endorsements from this weekend so the National Organization for Women who had previously endorsed Warren put out a statement on Friday urging Senator Warren nuts to endorse senator sanders. President Tony Van Pelt told the Associated Press on Friday quote. We think that our constituents are members will not necessarily think of Sanders as the best choice. We wouldn't have the violence against women. Act if it wasn't for Biden's leadership sanders doesn't have a record. He's really as far as we know done next to nothing for women and for our issues and quote some strong words there but there you have it in better news for Senator Sanders. Former two thousand twenty presidential candidate Tom Star published in OP. It in the New York Times yesterday. Lambasting the democratic establishment so. It's not an outright endorsement of his old pal Bernie but it does make the prospect of Biden endorsement from Steinmeyer. Look a bit unlikely I could totally be eating my words on that in the future though. There's a new poll out from CNN conducted by SRS shows Biden with a double digit lead over Sanders. Nationally quoting CNN. The poll finds fifty two percent of registered. Voters who are Democrats were democratic leaning independence. Say they want to see Biden? Win The nomination. While thirty six percent say they'd rather see Sanders win into quotes. The poll was conducted from March fourth through seventh and has a three point three margin of error one stat. That stood out to me. Is that with fifty two percent of respondents saying they view Sanders unfavourably. That is the highest. He's been rated unfavourably on CNN's polling since two thousand fifteen though it's important to note that Biden is viewed forty four percent unfavorably. So it's not that far behind age wise voters still fall on pretty dependable lines voters under forty five go to sanders fifty seven percent to thirty one. While voters over forty five lean towards biden seventy two percent to seventeen fifty two percent of liberals back sanders while fifty five percent of self identified Democrats Support Biden additionally sixty five percent of moderates or conservatives back Biden and independence are split almost evenly forty-six percent to sanders and forty five percent to Biden quoting. Cnn asked whether it should be a higher priority for the next president to restore the government to the way it was before trump took office or to go beyond restoration to make major changes to the way the government works. Seventy two percent chose major changes just twenty five percent restoration even among Biden supporters. Fifty eight percent say it is more important to make major changes to move beyond where the government was before trump. Cnn Continues Biden outpaces sanders by forty points as the candidate with the best chance to beat trump the best chance to unite the country and as the best to handle a major crisis but sanders tops. Biden by nine points as the candidate. Who Best understands the problems facing people like you and by six points on who agrees with you on the issues that matter most the poll also shows that in head to head matchups in the general election sanders would win fifty two to trump's forty-five while Biden would win fifty three to trump's forty three. But now let's check in on the states with upcoming primaries looking.

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