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Are you where are you? Are you in this is us episode to? No, I think I'm one or just one episode behind plus last night. Okay. I'm not far off gang. Everybody. Just pump the brakes. All right, one more thing, the Toby and Kate thing. Yeah. I don't think it's that interesting Turku Cup. Killed Toby off like. Why did we come back? We're going to have some things that made us go. Guess what J lo does every night before bed as revealed by her Bo Alex Rodriguez on shark tank? We'll see if you can figure it out until you're next on the down in Steve show on mytalk one zero seven one everything entertainment mytalk one zero seven one everything. Oh god. Entertainment. Leading ten years of Jason and Alexis show. This is Jason and Alexis flashback promo Jason and Alexis have the inside scoop on everything comes on three. And this is what keeps you in the middle of the screen. Baby. Which brings the party to a screeching halt. And then we all of course, looked at Alexis first, and then looked at the screen, and yes, in fact, least they're on had cinnabon on Jason and Alexis weekday afternoons from one to three on mytalk one zero seven one a little gossip a lot of laughs. Hey, what's up friends is Steve for.

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