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You don't get to know your oils a little bit then when you really need them, you're gonna feel overwhelmed and you're gonna second guess and you're gonna be like, oh, I don't know which one to use or how to use it. So they really are to me like my Friends, you know, and you need to get to know your Friends so that they can be there for you when you really need them. Man, I would just love to sit and talk with you for hours and hours. You just, so many things that you said which, to me, as someone who works with a lot of moms, there's so much hope and what you just said. And because your mommy heart and your mommy brain knew what it needed, you know, and you did have some education on that, but doesn't that give you it just gives moms who are listening to this hope that they really know what they need and if they just get quiet and listen, their bodies will definitely direct them. There's a scripture that says talk to the earth and it will teach you. So, you know, these the plants that God gave us in his gardens. They are there for us to learn from and to experience and to experiment with. And doing it with the sense of smell gives us a whole nother depth because our emotions service in some really powerful ways. So I love hearing that you have that great experience. Yeah. Well, I love your talk about the pineal gland in its relationship to frankincense as well. And because that's something that doesn't come up a whole lot, so I'm curious if you could teach us a little bit more about that connection and the pineal gland. Is there anything else in this world that can activate our pineal glands so easily? Well, I can tell you some things that are detrimental to the pineal gland that we can avoid in our lives and that would be things like fluoridated water, fluoridated toothpaste, chemicals in your environment because we have found out now that they will go in and calcify that gland, which kind of shuts off your ability to hear your intuition and listen to God during your pro time. So I like to just, in addition to getting the bad stuff out of my household, put a drop of frankincense on the tip of my tongue and just kind of hold it up. I can't talk and do it at the same time, but hold it up to the roof of my mouth. Take some deep breaths. It'll get right up to that pineal gland and help to take away some of those deposits that are on there. There are so many amazing molecular constituents in these oils that literally go in and we talked a little bit about the detoxification, but did you know Samantha that they can actually get down to the DNA level and help to remove garbled information and chemical assaults to our DNA and help to repair some of those. And when you said, I felt myself kind of going back into that old pattern and when you sniff that frankincense oil, it helped to kind of release all that. That is such a profound statement because the molecules, the monotypes assess which turpins in these oils literally help to do that with our DNA. So, so powerful. It's just so powerful. I'm sure have you taken some classes on the emotional benefits of the oils and how they work as ligands and neurotransmitters in the emotional system. If you haven't, it's just such a great such a great topic to explore because you had also mentioned it seems so easy and simple. And you know what? Things are easy. Think, well, no, I shouldn't say that. Things are simple. God kind of laid things out for us in a very simple way. We like to we like to make them a little more difficult, don't we? We like to complicate things. And so one of the benefits of using these oils is it helps to bring us back to center so that we can see the simple solution and then have the confidence you had mentioned that earlier, learning about these oils gives us confidence to really move forward and make a more sound decision for our families. And that's one thing that I love so much about using the oils in an emotional sense. Yeah, absolutely. And they can be, I like to call them a gateway drug to health because sometimes they're that little tool that for some people, it's just that little toe in the water that they need that then allows them to move forward making another healthy decision. And then another healthy decision. And then another, and it really builds. So you know, when people sometimes we can get a little carried away about how essential oils will cure the world. You know, it's all essential oils can cure everything. When to me, as much as I love my essential oils, obviously, I almost find it a disservice to discount how there's so many other tools that can help us essential oils can sometimes be that perfect gateway for someone to then embrace those other tools like nutrition or healthy eating or IV. Yes. There's a reason why we have lots of great choices because they all work together so well. And there's rarely a silver bullet, but sometimes we do get blessed in that way. But it's really about making the whole host of lifestyle choices that like you say build on each other. And allow your body to utilize all those beautiful tools in its playbook to be able to express a higher level of health. Debbie this has been so much fun chatting with you and before you go, we want to ask your closing questions, of course, but before that, I was wondering if you could just share with us one story, whether it's a personal story of your own use of essential oils or a client that you've worked with or friend. To just leave us a little bit inspired about how much we love these oils and how diverse they are in their ability to help us. Take your time if you want to take your time thinking of the stuff because I have one pop to my head and I know that one of your favorite products is a product that we call progesterone plus. Now it isn't it does have some it has the Mexican wild yam in there. So but it also has some beautiful oils. The frankincense, the Cedar with the peppermint. So as I was moving into that age of transition, I like to call it. I think I was 50 at the time I started using oils. I was 52, I was having some symptoms that, in my mind, even with all of my education and all of my experience with natural health, I'm thinking, oh my gosh, do I have MS? Do I have diabetes because I was having tingling of my feet, you know? Well, then I got a brain, and I thought, oh, well, you know, I am in menopause and tingling feet, sleep issues were the only two menopausal symptoms I really ever had. But those are in the top 30 symptoms. I never had hot flashes, anything like that. I had just learned about the oils in about ten years ago. I've only been using them for about ten years, not even. And someone had told me about this oil called progesterone plus. So I started to use it. And I'm telling you within ten days, I was almost a new person, which, of course, my husband appreciated as well. But it was so nice to be able to get up and about and not have those tingles in my feet. And so that is almost a miracle oil to me. I just love it. I have a lot of ladies in my practice who use it. And I would imagine that 9 out of ten women that you talk to will have a positive testimony of progestins plus. So that's mine. I could go on and on. I have so many favorites, but that's the one that popped in my mind. I love that one. I think we've got time for one more. I could just listen to your stories all day. So I'm telling you that oil. So I deal with a lot of babies. And now that I have two grandchildren of my own, my 20 month old is, you know, she's teething. She's getting all four molars at once. So she can not say cope by ibo, as she calls it her ba. So we'll ask her, do you need your ball?.

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