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At the Garden today ahead of their home opener tomorrow night against the Philadelphia Flyers forward Charlie Coyle was asked about getting back on the team's home ice. So good to be back in this building. We loved playing here and we missed it, but, yeah, I think it's You know if there's things in the boards or the ice or just to feel it out, Yeah, I think it's good to get accustomed to that feeling around and, um, just be back in this building and feel comfortable playing here again. I think it was really nice. And the Celtics were in Philadelphia tonight. Taking on the 76 ers Tip off. It's seven o'clock. Brian Antonelli WBZ Boston's news radio. 2 43 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Where's the trouble? Michael? Right, Downtown Ben here. We've got delays, cutting it on Storrow Drive, And it's because of a crash on the leverage up ramp. Which left of it. The right lane is blocked here just after the garden. So, uh, there you state of the left lane to get by there. And the delays in store reaching back to mass abs. So you want to avoid this area coming in right now? Elsewhere downtown. We're gonna break down near the exit of the Sumner Tunnel is backing things up there. There's another breakdown in the eastbound Ted Williams Tunnel near the exit. Backing up that tunnel is well the expressway South Pretty good coming out of the tunnel, but you lose speed down past massive insult Day. Otherwise, it's really not too bad down to the Braintree split North. Sounds good for those coming in. Troubles in Mata Poison. This is 1 95 West that's backed up almost a mile with a rollover cleanup going on after North Street. This is 1 95 after exit 19 state of the right lane to get by there, and the worst of it up to the North is revere a section of North Shore Road. Rou won a North shut down with a crash cleanup going on with the.

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