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You're not going to hear that on the network news, and I got to tell you, and they're not gonna date didn't even mention word one, and it's good. You're right. You could listen. There's uh to our friends, Brian Kilmeade or certainly Sean or Laura or Tucker on Fox News, but One American news Network, which I can't even get. It is great. And Newsmax is great, right? So now you'll hear it from those outlets. So we try to join together here at Salem media and speak the truth. We'd like to speak the truth. You may disagree with it, but we're not going to not tell you something. We're not going to say something. And now this is a story that you that didn't make any of the news anywhere. The United States. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has moved up the deadline for Pennsylvania officials to respond to an election challenge filed by state representative Mike Kelly and other Republican state lawmakers, possibly signaling that the court may take up the case may take up the case. So what? Now? I'm telling you that that's a judge A little justice. Alito has previously set the deadline for it was for, uh, tomorrow but he moved it up till today. Moved it up till today. One day after what it is known as the Safe Harbor date, right? The federal cut off date for states to resolve election issues and lock in there. Electors for the electoral College vote is on December 14th. But on Sunday, Alito moved up the deadline for Pennsylvania officials to report today at 9 A.m.. We'll see a Pennsylvania stepping up Philly. I'm telling you, I say this with respect to their love the city of brotherly love, but politically the Democrats off Are you kidding me and fill in New York and New Jersey in Milwaukee in Detroit? All these all these cities, they're so crooked. They're all crooked. The Democratic machine is awesome, you know, and you've got to say they beat the Republicans at their own game. They outgained Republicans in this election You knew of President Trump's gonna get 75 Million votes. 75 million votes. I give them credit the Republicans because you say, Hey, the guy's gonna get 75 million votes. Who's gonna get more than that All the Joe Biden gets 80 million votes. Are you kidding? Me. Are you kidding me? But we should have put that contingency in. We should have known that they would they were gonna hijack devote everything stops at midnight on election night. Come on. And then all of sudden, at 4 30 in the morning. Oh, By the way, we have hundreds of thousands of over Joe Biden. It says rigged as you possibly could imagine. And the analogy I use and forgive me because I don't I know it. It sounds crazy to you. I apologize to that. You call me you tell me I'm wrong. You tell me, I'm wrong. I'm hearing you and I'm listening to you. I'm objective enough to know I'm wrong. But if they could whack JFK, I said this earlier, so I'm not being conspiratorial. Now, you know, they took out John Kennedy. You know, they took out Robert Kennedy. You know, they took out Martin Luther King. They don't know who they are, but they are there and you know what? They're still there, and it's called the lifelong bureaucrats that want power and control, power and control. You might know them as the deep state. They are powerful. They went they want. They went after President Trump in a big way. So if they could do all of that, they can rig an election. Now, how do you beat it? You drive these little court cases. You know, there's something going on in Arizona and Rudy Giuliani. I'm telling you and Janet Ellis and Joe Degenova. They doing a great job. They're bringing the evidence out. How do you not even mention it? You're just stealing votes from under card tables. Like I said the Maria yesterday. Remember the old show? Candid Camera memory. Candid camera, right? Yeah. Thank you. That's my hip reference. My reference from 30 years ago. It's like Allen Funt said. We thought it would be funny if we had votes. It's oh cases and put him under a card table. It Georgia watch would have it. And then they roll the cameras and people are stealing votes. You see it right there. Oh, gosh Almighty. And then we got New York They're fighting them and Anthony Fauci comes out and Governor Cuomo's saying, I'm Bobby DeNiro. And you're out Pacino when it got and the and the press I always got on the local president. Not going after Andrew Cuomo the way they go into Donald Trump. Now they're going after him. But Andrew comes right back. You know you don't you've used your confused. What a mess. It's a mess. So you're not wrong? You're not well, you look at it all You shake your head you go. Dear God, what country I'm I mean, I am I ask myself that every single morning, so it's not you Trust me, and what we got to do is just be not only meticulous on the execution of all the things that we're doing, like what's happening? My answering of the fraud state by state. You've got to support that, if by some crazy happenstance and that can happen It's happened before in America, Joe Biden's president, We will get through it and you will get through it and you will fight and you will continue to fight, you know, So we like to hear all the old thoughts in your welcome the core. But goodness gracious, Don't get upset. It's not you. You're not wrong. I'm I'm the guy. I'm the guy to tell you every day. You are not wrong. It's nuts out there from the vaccine. It's nuts. And I don't know who to trust anymore. And you don't know who to trust. Because there's nobody in charge now, you know, I'm saying so. Stand fast. We'll get there. I promise you, we'll you know, we'll get there. Let me go to Kathleen, if I may. Kathleen Good morning. Thank you for calling me What's on your mind this morning? Just nice to hear you guys to it. And I wanted to let you know that you can get the oil and, uh, booze if you grant the clue, though, Act on your phone your good girl. Thank you. Because that put away was actually great. Yeah, Yeah. Good. And actually, Adam's family or any kind of sense stuff that you need to take your mind after drinks that we keep hearing on the news. Good stuff. Thank you, Kathleen. Thank you. I will do that. I appreciate that very much. They're different kind of what they call platforms like Netflix and it just Netflix anymore. It's to be it. Zulu is Yahoo. They've got the sting Ray Quello, where I could watch. I watch that Beatles documentary from Ron Howard. And James Brown, a great James Brown documentary. You know why, but not pollute. Ope. Ludo is another another platform and we're going to get that as well. You know what? I see The phone calls. Let me break early, because if you could just hold I wanna leave enough. Time for the great Katie McFarland was kind enough to join us this morning. All right, And then we will be able to grab the calls of three candidates. 7797 29 99, Pluto's o A and and Got it. Thank you very much. Appreciate that. Kathleen Joe on the radio. Katie is coming up next Brandy Scott's on.

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