More Than Half A Million Jobs, Ten Year, Today discussed on P&L With Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz


Right now. I wanna go get over to andrews pearson. He is the chief. Investment officer of global fixed. Income navene anders. I get your take on the jobs report. It was pretty fascinating. It was a miss of course but still an ad of more than half a million jobs in the us economy that a job dog saying. Oh always very interesting. A lot of focus on the markets. And and that's the core. I would say it's it's more of the senior we had okay noth- great numbers once again. Some some mixed messages for the market to digest. I think Kind kinda seeing that on the ten year today and you giving back some of the yield move posted strong. Ap numbers and generally the market is expecting a strong job numbers. We haven't quite getting that. So so we're seeing a little bit less progress. Labor market That means less pressure for the fed to remove accommodation and lower tenure. So continue to have these mixed numbers that makes it quite tough ultimately for the markets to digest what's going on here and this debate around growth versus inflation continues anders. I have to say. I don't envy you fixed income guys. I don't know where you go to get yield. If where do. I go to get some yield here in the fixed income market thomas rich. Do i have to take to get a reasonably decent return. I know it's early dilemma. For all of us investors are constantly asking around then Week you maintain its valley constructive view and we're comfortable keeping you know modest risk overweight stands here and and continue to focus on credit spread sectors. you know we're the backdrop of this slowly improving economic Kinda marmon fundamental. Still improving nicely. You still have you know in my mind. Nice support from the fed than the central banks and being dovish and patient enough looking to raise rates to too early that combined with Stretch but still. Okay valuations We kind of call. It were price. Morality knife last for perfection. So we kinda expecting spreads to have more of a range-bound kind of type a bit longer so so that really offers up a attracted territory or who has been kind of environment so that we kind seen out for the next Of a month and the rest of the year. So so jhansi oppression. We're comfortable kind of keeping More of a risk overweight and going down into the rating spectrum And really like ask the classes to this little more a reach for yielding and a couple of areas that we focused on our or leveraged loan and preferreds leverage loans. You know aren't definitely benefitting from all of these trends. Fundamentally the pictures improving lower defaults are happening or kinda seeing given the economic rebound for loans to have a nice..

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