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To do it and you will get in trouble if you do it there's such fear right now you get a black suspect of any kind everybody's got the cameras going the phone cameras going and showing too much force rioting in the streets we have disarmed these police agencies not just in terms of their weapons but in terms of actually using police powers and the more and more we do that the bigger and bigger the problem is going to be this was just the first warm weekend in chicago and why are they targeting the magnificent mile why are the targeting river north where they targeting the really really hot areas where all the people go because that's where it's the most fun to cause trouble if the goal is to terrify affluent white people you go where affluent white people go if the goal is to terrify people you've got to go where the people is so they're going to go to these really really heavily populated areas which by the way are always crawling with cops the big shopping center there is called water tower place where they call it water tower place because it's not well no it's not was it's still there because it's next to a water tower water tower places right next to the hancock building do they call the hancock building the hancock building all those buildings in chicago changed their names like what's the sears sears tower is still the willis tower is interests at the i don't even know what any of their names are anywhere i think that buildings should not be allowed to have their names changed if they're allowed bark like if the empire state building was bought was bought by like amazon i don't want that called the amazon building it should still be the unpire statebuilding.

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