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Caldecott Tunnel, Kcbs, Saudi Arabia discussed on KCBS Radio Afternoon News


And the remote crash is backing up traffic in the Caldecott tunnel westbound left lane of the left border next update at four forty eight on the traffic later KCBS KCBS bay area weather forecast partly to mostly sunny this afternoon gonna get hot tomorrow mid to upper nineties inland upper seventies mid eighties near the bank low seventies at the coast and then temperatures going to peak on Wednesday over a hundred and some inland spots traffic and weather together on the gates on all news one oh six nine AM seven forty KCBS radio dot com re wind gives U. K. C. B. S. news when you want it share what you may have missed here in interview again by listening to key CBS radio dot com replying you can always count on KCBS to bring you the news first forced to sell off the market since the financial crisis we are the only radio station always broadcasting live from the bay area the Dow has lost over three thousand points this week and the stock market is now fully in correction mode it's one more reason why we're the bay area's number one news station all news all the time on KCBS bay area traffic slowing it down will get you through it nobody navigates the bay area better than the traffic leader all news when I was six nine and A. M. seven forty P. C. B. S. we are here for you with the facts of course the biggest contributing factors is because oil prices have been down in straightforward news coverage as well as a price war that's going on between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

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