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The fact. Thanks. That Korean players seemed to be trying to lose to. Yes. It's rally, of course, everybody rejoined to losing both sides. Well, it's actually a strategy because the way the tournament is laid out both these teams are going to be moving onto the medal rounds, but whoever wins this game is going to have to play another Chinese team. A really strong team. I see and whoever loses is gonna play a way easier. Danish. So both teams are hoping to lose. Yeah. And it is the rare instance where you have both sides incentivized to lose that you get something that should be score. By spike Jones, the little bit of a prisoner's dilemma, right either side could lose. But when both want to lose it becomes this surreal waiting game. Right. You know, who's gonna crack I and score a point. And so you got the best players in the world. Just start hitting the show coming out of bounds. Fault off default faulting on purpose and straighten the hitting the shuttlecock into the net. I'm sorry was blindingly obvious. What's going on? And you know, that does lose some heavy hit below the net that is uncertain they're heading straight into the ground all tripping over their own shoelaces purposefully until what you get is serve up into the net. After point of just terrible badminton devolves into this. Absurd. Repetitive. Crazy making. Lose a thorn this spice? Obviously rain. I mean, this is not this is not sport. This is kind of a sport. Because and this is why I really love it at a certain point these two teams have to start competing with each other to lose let let me play you this point. So China serves it Korea hits it back, but it's going way out of bounds now now in a normal world, China would obviously you'd let that fall. So that they could take the point. But they lunge to save it. Right. And they're hitting it back now Korea, then they are like, no, no, no. You know, what we're pretty sure we wanted out of bounds. They hid in the opposite direction even further out of bounds. So now China goes to save at once again, but they don't get there in time. So the point goes to China, which China actually didn't want. And the Koreans wanted the whole time. So what are you saying that? It's like the invented a whole new sport. Which is the exact opposite of badminton. It is it is photo negative badminton. But then towards the end of the first set. Outcomes the referee. Hello, toasty speaking. Hi, how I in Barrett was the head Olympic badminton referee who got that call. And I also heard the spectators Puzo I went to watch. It looks pretty awful. This was not right. The plans to get up and told them that they were not playing seriously, and they were making a very serious mistake and they played stupid trying while best Cronin needed told me also. We were actually able to get in touch with such an Niimi myself three of the four players in that match both Korean players as Tongan you go John king earn and they came out of Kim Hannah and also one of the Chinese players. How was she one Shelby? And you. You told me they were trying to lose that match. What do we expect it South Korea would do the same thing hasn't mails sound? And as for the Koreans junk young ern said that they were trying to lose at least during certain moments in the game. But when the crowd started to do home Cadran and the ref came out her partner, Kim haha said that was surprising embarrassed were just scared. We just wanted to get out of the court as soon as possible. So Torsten walks off the court they went on court again. And then the second serve after Torsten walks off the court. Nothing but net for the next few points. Does not get much better. No, it didn't look like world-class back..

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