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Queen Stage race, which is a three day grabble stage race that takes place over four days, and really what I found is Ketchum, Idaho Sun Valley Idaho where I live, my hometown is where the takes place, and it is off the beaten path. It's the reason I called it Rebecca's private Idaho because it is quiet and and intimate here and It's a small town and it's hard to get to, and that's why it put it on Labor Day weekend one is. Is. It's a beautiful time of the year here, but also to allow people that extra holiday to travel. Because once you get here. What I find is people. Don't come for one day. They come here and they WANNA stay a few extra days, and they WANNA explore a little bit more. And that's why, after about the fifth year of Private Idaho, I launched the stage race because people cast me all this year. We're GONNA come. We're going to stay a few more days. Where can I ride? Where can I ride next and so I decided to just put that platter out for everybody to select from in. You know and there's a big parade that we can, and my goal was was not just a host a bike event, but to release show people this special place to support my community to support bike charities, and eventually my foundation that I launched and so and also I. Want my friends to stay a little longer you know. We've all been to those bike races. Where you drive in your car. You got your gear, you you know, unload, get dressed right at the back your car. Go do the race. Load up your car and go home. I didn't want that kind of experience I wanted. A bigger sort of by end of the season bike celebration, and that's that's it has grown to become. It's it's really cool. Really look forward to it. But I and I do try to the reason we `blanche different distances and is to try to welcome everybody in so the tater..

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