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And that's why you know he didn't just bring dark side right here and he needed to also win like he needed people to join him to use that apocalypse in tech and everything to open that massive of so yeah it was it was gaining the trust of the people gaining so oh that way they would volunteer to become this and off. I mean that was this pretty pretty bad I was like it made me sad the way everybody was dead because actually the the person that they show up front the first curses volunteers Eric. His name is Eric. Yeah in the beginning. The mugging that was air in his girlfriend. That super boy saves alleyway alleyway so they show him from the beginning they show him from the beginning and they get mugged. There's nothing he can do about it and then he's the first one to volunteer and then they show him again and he is this. This robotic Solis person he doesn't even Knowledge her as his girlfriend or anything like that and then when every when it's all said and done and everybody is is free from the the cyber core there. She's the one he's the one that they focus on so he's dead so he is a through line it throughout the whole movie for that part of the story and now I mean that's just as powerful because he. He felt powerless. He wanted to step up. Aw You know NBA Zone Superhero. Because you know super boy did save him and you know and that's just goes back to really tarnishing destroying the legacy that superman had cyborg suit ran. I gaining the people's trust list of being the real superman and then basically being superman turned against him right. So we see an actor her cyborg Superman And I I'm pretty sure they don't show until after he saves the president amount one hundred percent but I'm pretty sure they don't the show until after he saves. The president is being controlled by dark side. Yes any starts communicating with dark side and seeing dark side which is a little bit of a change from the comics and the comics? He was kind of like because he was the you know he had Tony Powers and and the The bio-technical powers to be able to Possess any machine around in and and be this extraordinarily powerful being and he Forced Mongol to work for him so he was like the golf powerful back. I will in this in this version. you know. He is being controlled by dark side in. I mean I don't have a problem with it whatsoever. Because he is extremely powerful off is an extremely powerful character he took me radical who took on both steel end super boy endless coming out on top you know. And he took on the ARATU cater and Cynthia Radicati away because basically the eradicators power was running focuses. We kind of find out. He's more like a hard light hologram. Construct Aft He's not actually being in this. which is interesting across grab? He's linked in the Communist. He's phasing these energy because there's part where he's he touch a super man's corpse and body and he's like trying to like come reportable again and stuff. Yeah it always seems so more convoluted in the books right in. This version is definitely more of a protective computer cure program and and you know the computer program generated this version of him but it was still it was still powerful powerful. You know he could. He could take on super boy he could take on steel at the same time. And then Cyborg Superman you know they. He stopped him. He you put up a fight. Plenty of fights able to basically send neurotic heater on the run. So cyborg Superman is incredibly powerful all but we just know that dark side is is that much more powerful than he is and that's You know the the liberty they used to bring him a man to fit. The continuity is really awesome and I I like it because it just keeps you on your toes like he can helps spilled a historic preservation on the story and original story and an original story from an era as an adaptation. And I mean you. I can't complain too because you know Mike Carlin works for DC animation one of the heads of DC animation and he was the group editor her of you know helped develop the rain and death storyline. So if he's working on it you know what I'm saying like these cool with it. It's who the army creator kind of thing. You know. Exactly I mean and creators themselves. They will come back and be like Oh. I could have done this better. I could have done that better or you know it's like hey. How are we going to make this in fit into this? You know how we're GonNa make this large expansive thing fit into this box. Wchs exactly and side story break here real quick the whole scene. Where Lexus is? He's GONNA kill superbowl. Oh boy because it was a failed experiment and then the guy the geneticist doctor talks him out of and LEX. Like yeah. You're right. And then he fires the take doctor and let's all the other half clones out and kills is pretty.

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