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Right. Thank you, Michael. And again, we're looking at some snow tonight how much one to three inches near the Worcester hill skiers you're gonna like this a half of foot of snow in the higher altitudes. It's six oh five. Good evening. If you're just joining us, we have major news we've been waiting for this for nearly two years. It is done special counsel Robert Muller as finished his investigation into Russian election interference and has delivered his final report to attorney general William bar Barr. Says he may send his summary to members of congress as early as this weekend. Well, keep in mind. This report is confidential and it could set the stage for some big political fights over the coming months. CBS news, political consultant, Leonard Steinhorn, a professor says it remains to be seen what bar will provide to congress or to the public the closing of a big chapter. But it's not the end of the book. We don't know. Exactly. What's in it at this moment in time? But the attorney general is expected to summarize it release that summary communicate something we don't know what to congress. And of course, the American public. Wants to see every detail. We are carrying a special report this evening on what we might expect in this report. And what came ahead of this report nearly thirty six indictments three guilty pleas all of that coming up after seven oh six here on BBC radio and the iheartradio app right now. It's six oh seven. We have other news. The president earlier today said ISIS in Syria is one hundred percent eliminated. But Pentagon officials insist there are still pockets of fighting and remote areas also the head of the Syrian democratic forces says heavy fighting is still ongoing. CBS news military analyst, Mike lions tells us what the differing reports might mean. The guy says an ideology will remain for years to come likely generations. It depends on where it can rearm refit itself at it. Look for ungoverned space to do that it won't be able to do that though inside Syria as long as the Kurdish forces the Syrian defence forces as well as the small groups of United States troops are there. Seventeen years after fighting began. Dan to American service members have been killed in Afghanistan. CBS news national security correspondent David Martin in. The course of this operation. These two soldiers were killed. We don't know. The exact details of how they were killed spokesperson says the incident is under investigation a prominent border governor as a message for congress tonight as the debate over border security rages on there is a crisis at the border. It's a humanitarian crisis. It's a security crisis immigration and customs enforcement says fifteen thousand migrants have been dropped off in Arizona since December twenty first of last year, including five hundred this week alone. Arizona governor Doug Ducey says this isn't sustainable resources are running thin. People are overwhelmed a we've been able to deal with it so far. But my thought here is we need to plan ahead. This is likely going to continue, and we're going to need more resources to deal with it. The governor says border patrol agents are also being pushed to the limit by the number of illegal crossers. Jeremy foster ABC news. Phoenix. It's six away. We have Bloomberg business news with Tracy jonky force indicating a slowing Asian and European economies. Sent the Dow down four hundred sixty points..

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