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We never wrote anything there was a political thing that happened hbo and we got fired and so when the same three weeks we had the shoot bomb of movie and we were fired and i really did feel miserable and i felt like i wasn't sure where a path was open and i felt that i allowed myself to feel like this is fucked and unfair but soon thereafter i started making these these vines are in the middle of the store making the series of vines about why and how to do this kind of work and dave and i along with andrew ross sorkin we started writing on spec billions and each day that i would right i became stronger so that by the time we were halfway through billions i had cast off that rejection completely and i was only immersed in this work and in what was next that's it because and along with that his um iin never have a day that i'm not with my family was some travelling so that's the oath like i spend mornings with them and i always take my daughter lets me still even though she seventeen walker to school so i'm still spending time with my family and so if you if i'm doing that if i'm like with them and i'm doing that work i've won eight sometimes when people are so afraid of feeling fear or rejection or facing risk they think that that feelings can last forever and when i find is that if you do experience it in you allow yourself to feel it it will sort of past like a lot of other things do like hunger like being tired like any number of things went your process them look it is a bad it's terrible feeling i'm not making short shrift and oh i'm not really of i already and i'm not really of fear and i'm not free of aiding rejection i've just learned to manage it and in managing at you gain you gain power over it.

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