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Oh, Ps. Everything is possible except when you're inevitably supports arsenal to. Okay, but I'm gonna start tenderly with compassion. Just let's go right for the jugular actually after losing his first two gangs. Emory makes five in a row in old competitions after relatively turgid. I fifty five minutes gum sources, mobile flip the switch when Alexandra Laco set pin day long range blast into the top corner. Abana Yang doubled elite one hundred thirty seconds later with an offside goal that has roads now championing vol's immediate instructions primarily play and retrospectively retroactively off, no after six place Everton Roach than not so much up to six, how you feeling, how you feeling, how you feeling. Big picture. Yeah. What context? It was just Jewish new year Russia, Shawna time. If reflection, I'm a big takeaway this year before this game was trying to be more positive. I wanna I wanna give hope and love to the world. I want embrace love and said that the seventy times at seventy New Year's somebody starts a new season at the beginning of cups at the end of low cups during international breaks. Everytime anyway, go ahead. Everton's record. Have hope David. When you look at the record of Everton football club against the traditional big dogs in the Premier League, the traditional big six, not pretty warm, win in the loss. Forty, five away games. They haven't won awesome in twenty two years since one sweet day by Mariah Carey and boys to men was number one. So say head of this game, a big game on the road at describe my mood is let's just say, highly stimulated, highly highly stimulated Ben away, and I don't if you relate to this, Dave, Jeff, have this overwhelmed by Julia motions of hoop and fair and equal measure is ever part of your your emotional makeup. Never. I can sort of understand what you're saying. I understand the woods and I can. I can translate them into my head like an even maybe put that into French German in Germany. It would just be one would I never felt that. I'm just an idiot. I go through with like just absolutely implausible an impossible hope into all situations. It's just like constricting throat and nipples tingling at the same time and not gonna get into the down below. It's just everything is jokes depose. I was trying to cling onto the good news RA Jolson back after after three match ban hooping Connor scored twice on his debut stop for Basell. So I will say, I'm already starting to worry, should I love him as much as they should have begin to more on this inevitable leaving at the they'd love what he said about being a bazillion to national. I wanted all she about Dave name or name. Oh, was rich, listens idol growing up, and he told the press that he when he was twelve win to his Balba and ask for a name or Hecker the mogul. And he said, I didn't quite pull it off because I didn't really have the right hair products. And I thought, who is you. Your hair idol when you were when you had had Trimble visit, Tony, Hanley. The lead singer of Spandau ballet. Probably Tony Hadley an incredible flake and incredibly had a football, a football, a heck before it was a football headcount? Yeah, either him all who is the guy from head cut one hundred nikei with Nick, Haywood span about it. There was real flips it sort of like the fringe that came down, but went to the side. I always struggle. I didn't have a really good part in my hand. So I would crew up from an early age because I couldn't really grow my hair. I always wanted that perfect soul, boy, Nick Haywood, Tony heavily, kind of like fling. That's all that was tasting classic Aaron Ramsey Hanke when I was a kid, my hair was the bio, Nate ma'am. Do you remember. Six million dollar Mon. They used to go into the ball when I was six..

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