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Valero Texas Open his fuelled by fans competition at making memories. So what world-class PGA tour golf, Texas hospitality? We celebrate a tradition of charity community and family fun. Rickie fowler. Jordan, speak at local favourite TV. Walker will take on the PGA tour as best as they battle it out here in the Alamo city purchase tickets on Valero, Texas, Open dot com or your local HEB see you at the Texas Open. This April fourth through the Senate. Louis shanks, we understand that your furnishings are a reflection of your individual style in needs. We've been meeting those needs and exceeding your expectations since one thousand nine hundred forty five that's seventy four years of being family owned right here in central Texas. We're celebrating our anniversary with the deepest discounts of the year in every department for every style and every fees. Install custom mortars. We've lived to help you where you live Louis shanks furniture dot com. Newsradio twelve hundred W O A. I heard on over two thousand devices just say something like this. Alexa, play NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. I on iheartradio. Companies media networks, this is America's First News this weekend with your host Gordon Deal new angle of the marijuana debates. I'm Gordon Deal. Thanks for spending part of your weekend with us. Here's what's coming up this hour as pot becomes more accepted for medicinal and recreational. Use is the push for legalization ignoring major risks like psychosis here both sides, also as March madness approaches a look at how Villanova lives in dies by the three pointer. Plus the new food brands that are trying to change our perception of pork rinds with new flavors and even vegan options and the persistent problem for.

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