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I'm just. I'm ready for preseason football too because that's when really get to you know i'm i'm sure it's these rookie lineman just because the first team doesn't mean they're not gonna play quite a bit in that preseason game so i bet we'll get a lot of looks from trey smith creed humphry but we'll obviously touch on that when we get there but yeah it's it's it's a good time of year matt. It's the good time of year What about the other camps are jodi fortson. What have you seen from from him. A real chance that he makes us roster. I just saw tweet. That he found a open spot on the defense has got an easy conversion What do you think about jodi fortson so far. Well i do think he's the you said the other star training camp if we didn't know anything about him going in. We might be a little more intrigued about him. I think his name just get a little fatigued to it now. And just the fact. That noah gray and blake bell are clearly above him. And that is the thing we gotta remember. Last year. they kept ricky seals jones around a fourth tight end for really no reason. He didn't really make any sort of impact at all. In fact the actually the only real impact we made was a drop. I i want to say in a in a crucial spot. If i remember correctly. I think it was in the playoffs against the browns. Dropped a easy pass but so if they do keep four tight ends. He's the logical choice for the fourth guy. Nick kaiser have been injured and not playing. And i think you don't need. I think blake beller nick. Kaiser one of them was making the team. I don't think the other at number made sense for both of them to make team so there's an opportunity in that sense and he has been playing pretty well he actually you know he's getting run. They're rotating a lotta tight ends in with the first team when kelsey went out so he did get them run as a tight end getting some passes from a home so if they do wanna ricky seals jones type he kind of fits the same kind of profile. So we'll see. Maybe maybe that is the plan. Maybe maybe jodi will finally get their day in the sun. I would be a little bit surprised. I still feel like he is a just right on. That spoke of being somebody that you can rely on within the within. The offense is sort of a twitter between wide receiver and tight and we always get excited about those giant wide receivers or the pass receiving tight ends and and you don't see a lot of 'em pan out you know he's been around for a couple years you know maybe he's finding astrid our maybe he's just a perennial practice squad player. I guess we won't really know until downs calm that i'd be really curious to see if they carry for tight ends at whose expense what position they going. Lean on to carry an extra tight end. Yes so that is one thing you know. That'd be ten linemen factored into to get to my fifty three man roster projection. They have kept nine in the past. And you know if cow long is on the pup and doesn't count against the roster you know maybe they count him as the tenth linemen and and can only keep nine and maybe allegheny you know is cut. Or maybe that's when we reality you know. Wave that trade clause and go somewhere where he can maybe get a better playing up and so you know that's where they could cut someone to make room for the four tight end Six or seaver sue. You know maybe they think they don't need six shooters. Maybe they need five. And so callaway gets cut or You know i. I really only way for them to get to five. I can't imagine it. Cut or try to put corno powell on the practice squad He wouldn't arrive on the practice squad he'd get taken up so yeah it's interesting i you know i. I would definitely that it wouldn't happen. That i will definitely three tight ends in. Jodi fortson will just be you know another camp name that will remember forever and nothing ever happened from it but You know it is interesting. Because he has had he has looked good at tight end he has made plays dining live a ton of bodies offensive. Line my current projections still has nine offensive lineman going in with six wide receivers. Three tight ends in four running backs on offense. I think they always gonna carry that extra running back just because it's a position where you need a lot of bodies and you go through a lot of injuries and wear and tear darn thompson may have some competition for that. Four spot hasn't been on the field Yet because of the kobe situation but that's a position to watch. Can they carry a fourth tight end and fullback and you know a full complement of wide receivers. I'm not sure that it will be tough to get down two numbers on the offensive line. And that's why it's worth worth really watching. Where lewis kneeing plays if he is the swing tackle or if he wins at tackle spot. You want your backups to be really versatile on the line so i think they could carry nine offense lineman pretty logically as long as all of their backups complained multiple positions. And i think that's true already for for awesome blythe if he makes the roster for mike remers if he's not the starter he's certainly play multiple positions So that that really does make me believe that. If trey smith wins the right guard spot than l. Dt might be the odd man out may only keep nine on the offensive line but a lot to be determined when it comes to roster spots and a lot of it weren't we're just frankly not gonna know much about At least until we see the preseason games and maybe not even then another name that again as popped up today Just now that. I'm curious to see what you thought. In person of joshua canedo. He just had another good wrap. It sounds like we would have had a sack if it was alive period. House canedo coming along. Does he looked like somebody who they can get an early. So i think the fact that i really didn't see canedo in the practice i was at like doing much with the first team. Or you know rotating and much with the first team that just shows you how many bodies they have right now. and how. Many guys with alka forward dana. In damone harris has actually been practicing. You know up in that rotation kind of up with those guys to even rotating in with the second team. But i will say monday towards the end of practice. All of a sudden. I started seeing canedo pop. A little bit The third team going against wyatt miller at right tackle who was just a throwaway guy And canedo got a couple of pressures around the edge. He forced quarterback scramble out and then he actually Next play countered back in with a nice move to collapse the pocket on the quarterback and would have been probably a sack and then actually i noticed right after that i came back on the field and they got canedo in there. Didn't create pressure or anything but man. He's exploded off the ball like it was buried noticeable. How quickly got off the ball. How you know how much he he did like. Penetrate the pocket a little bit. He just didn't get past. It would have been orlando brown at left tackle but man. I i do think you can see why he was a five star recruit and even if he can just harness that and and really. Just be a pass rush specialist. I mean the does. The team really need him to be that great at run defense. I mean i know it'd be nice..

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